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Animal Abandonment

by Zach, Max, Felipe, Mylah, Benett


Animal Abandonment
Benett Brodeur
Zachary Corfey
Felipe Leandro
Mylah Powers
Max sourielle
Table of Contents

What is Animal Abandonment page 4-5
Animal Abuse and What It Is page 6-8
Animal Laws page 9-10
Dog and Cat Overpopulation page 11-13
Animal Shelter page 14-15
Glossary page 16

Benett Brodeur | What is Animal Abandonment?
Felipe Leandro | Animal Abuse
Zachary Corfey | Dog and Cat Overpopulation
Max Sourille | Animal Shelters
Mylah Powers | Animal Rights Laws
Who Are the Authors?
What is Animal Abandonment?
Animal abandonment is when people abandon their animals and they are left to survive on their own. Animal abandonment is a problem that affects millions of animals each year.  Each year 6.3 million dogs and cats go to a shelter in the United States alone.  65% of shelter dogs get adopted and 66% of shelter cats get adopted.  However, 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized each year.  
There are a lot of reasons why animals are abandoned.  Sometimes animals are abandoned because their owner may not be able to provide food and other essentials.  Another reason is because their owner does not have the time to take care of them.  Another reason is an animal's owner might not want to take care of them, so they abandon their animals. In some cases, people have to give up their animals to an animal shelter due to things like hoarding, animal fighting, or other bad living conditions.
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There are a lot of organizations that help abandoned animals. One organization the ASPCA (which stands for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Another organization is the Humane Society. There are a lot of other organizations all working towards the same goal - ending animal abandonment and abuse.
Animal abandonment is a problem that affects millions of animals each year. There are a lot of reasons people abandonment their pets, but also lots of organizations that help abandoned animals.
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Animal Abuse
Have you ever wondered what animal abuse is? Well, everybody says “a dog is a man's best friend.” But animals are dying because nobody helps some of them. Animal abuse is a big problem because sometimes animals get abandoned or even get abused by not feeding them or giving them homes. Additionally, some shelters are trying to save animals and do not have enough space to keep them. 
What is Animal Abuse?
People abandon their dogs and cats which is a form of animal abuse. Also, people abuse animals when they either can’t take care of them or they are trying to generally hurt their dogs or cats. Also, dog and cat owners sometimes can’t pay for their safety or can’t pay for their vet costs. This is a pretty big problem because then the owners would abandon their cats and dogs or let them run away and become stray animals.

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