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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

by Veronica Oprea


Oprea Veronica
The Life of Charlotte Bronte
Charlotte Bronze was born in Thornton in 1816. Her parents were Patrick Bronze, a clergyman, and Maria Branwell. She had four sisters and a brother. In 1824 she and her three sisters went to a boarding school at Cowan Bridge. Here two of her sisters died in 1825. Charlotte and her sister Emily went to study languages in Brussels in 1842, where she fell in love with Monsieur Heger, but he didn't return her love. Charlotte married Mr.Nicholls in 1854 but the marriage was short-lived. Charlotte died in 1855. Jane Eyre was published in 1847. 
a.Elizabeth and Maria both died in 1825
b. Charlotte fell in love with Monsieur Heger in 1843
c.Charlotte died in March, 1855.
d.Charlotte was born in 1816
e.Vilette was publishes in 1853
f. Charlotte and Emily went to Brussels to study languages in 1842
g. She went to boarding school with her three sisters in 1824
h.Jane Eyre was publish. in 1847
i.Charlotte married Mr.Nicholls,a curate,in 1854
a.Charlone Bronze's parents were Patrick Bronze and Maria Branwell.
b.They read and created imaginary worlds based on stories.
c.Charlotte used the boarding school from Cowan Bridge as a model for Lowood School.
d.She wrote about her love with Monsieur Heger in Vlette.
e. Bronze sisters used men's names to publish their works because people didn't respee women writers at that.
f.Her marriage with Mr.Nicholls was short-lived because she died in 1855.
1.She went to parsonage to ask the clergyman for advice.
2.That book was just my fantasy.
3.My girlfriend lived in a boarding school.
4.The principal has harsh methods of education.
5.Madalina and I are lifelong friends.
6.He is suffering from fear in its various guises.
7.Ana loves the new governess.
8.Her requests were rejected.
9.She chose the beautiful pseudonym for the stage.
10.My aunt is so unfeminine.
11.My father is coarse with me.
12.Ana had a wasted trip.
13.Have you been curate before?
14.He's a thrill to me.
The Times of Charlotte Bronte
Charlotte Bronte was born at a time of great change in Britain.She lived through the reigns of four rnonarcns. During Queen Victoria Britain was a rich and ve' strong nation, with great writers and industries. The rise of railways was rapid. Life was hard for poor people, because they was suffering of different diseases. At that time, people thought that marriage is very important and divorce is impossible, because of their religious beliefs. In Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronze used some of her experiences in love and life. Jane Ey, a story which combines romance, mystery and adventure. 
a.Britain was a prosperous nation... 2.It had many industries.
b.Travelling was difficult because roads were dangerous and uncomfortable...4.The rise of the railways made people more mobile
c.People began moving Into the big cities...3.This was due to the railways which opened up the country.
d.Life was very hard for the poor...1.They lived in poor conditions and there were a lot of diseases.
1.During this period four monarchs reigned.
2.They acquired many estates.
3.It spread over the city.
4.There were riots in the city center.
5.Taxes have been canceled.
6.This was reflected on education.
7.He has half starved.
Jane Eyre had a miserable childhood. She lived with her aunt, who didn't like her and sent Jane away to Lowood School. This school was terrible with very bad living conditions. However, Jane worked hard and became a teacher. Then she went to work for Mr.Rochester at Thornfield.Soon realised that he has a terrible secret in Thornfield Hall and fell in love with Mr Rochester.
Jane lived with her aunt and cousins. Her cousin John treated her badly and one day he beat her hard.She liked to look at the pictures in the big books and she loved to be in her room alone so she felt safe. When Jane hit him to defend herself, she was punished by her aunt. She took Jane to a cold, dark room, where the girl fell unconscious. The doctor who took care of her the next day found out that the girl was not happy in her aunt's house and suggested that the girl go to schooliane was happy because she thought she would make friends.
1.Jane lived with Mrs Reed because her parents were dead.
2.The names of Jane's cousins were - John, Eliza and Georgians.
3.Jane was unhappy because Mrs Reed and her children were cruel to her
4.John Reed hit her.
5.The Red Room was cold and dark.
6.The doctor's questions were • Are you happy? Would you like to go to school. 
EX 1
EX 3
a.Mrs Reed was very rich.
b.Her house was large and beautiful.
c.My cousins were sometimes cruel to me.
d.John grinned unpleasantly when he saw me.
e.You wicked and cruel boy! I shouted.
f.The Red Room was dark and cold.