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Owen and Isi's Inquiry

by Ruma Pohu


Craters on the moon.
By Isaak Huwald.
An empty gas tank of a rocket crashed on the moon creating a duble crater in 2014 asample mission that created the same duble crater.
Volcanic eruptshions also creat craters because when the volcano eruptes it busts it's top what leaves craters.
The moon has way moor craters than earth because there is no wind,wether or atmosfer that could remov the craters.
Here are three diffrent taypes of craters simple crater complex crater and impact basins.

9137 craters are curently sighted on the moon 1657 of them have been dated.
Here are some moon craters.

Albategnius Arisus Longomontanus Piccolomini Pittarchatus Plinius RheitaRussel Tycho.
This is Albategnius.
This is Longomontanus.
This is tycho.
Ice on the moon.
By Owen Bullock.
In a science article on novmber 1996 it was announced that a clemention spacecraft experiment suggested the possobilty of ice on the moon.
The lunar poles have over 600 billion kilograms of ice.
The ice on the moon could represent cometary or asteroid material which has existed on the moon for billions of years.