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Science Learning Partnership - Southend, Essex & Thurrock

by Sarah Burns


Southend Essex & Thurrock Science Learning Partnership

Supporting, Assisting and Promoting Science Teaching from EYFS to KS5
Our Science Learning Partnership (SLP) provides quality, subject-specific Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and support for primary, secondary & Further Education across Southend, Essex & Thurrock. We are part of a network of Science Learning Partnerships and other support for schools that is managed by STEM Learning.

Our SLP mission
Whether you're a primary, secondary, FE teacher or technician, we're here to support you at every stage of your career. We share your dedication to raising young people’s engagement and achievement in STEM.
We offer a blend of bespoke support, online and face-to-face CPD, network meetings and wrap around support to enable you and your department to deliver world-leading STEM education for all young people across Southend, Essex & Thurrock.
We provide support for teaching through curriculum teaching resources at EYFS, KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5.
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We provide support across Essex excluding Epping Forest, Uttlesford and Harlow.
Southend Essex and Thurrock Science Learning Partnership

Westcliff High School for Girls, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

SLP Lead: David Struthers

Specialist SLP Biology Lead:
Matt King

SLP Project Officer:
Emma Emmerton


Twitter: @SET_Science
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RP020 Developing STEM in the primary curriculum
This course will give you the chance to discover how to develop and integrate the teaching and learning of STEM within and across the primary curriculum.

RP024 An introduction to working scientifically
Understanding ‘working scientifically’ is vital for children to develop ideas, skills, knowledge and understanding in science. You will be able to confidently implement strategies for planning, resourcing and organising enquiry that challenges scientific thinking.

RP025 Developing working scientifically outside the classroom
Effective strategies which embrace working scientifically outside the classroom enhance enquiry skills. You will be able to build on, and extend, children’s abilities by applying different approaches to plan and resource rich learning opportunities.

RP026 Developing pupil led investigations - embedding working scientifically in the primary classroom
To develop the independence of children thinking and communicating as real scientists is essential to deepen their scientific understanding. You will be able to facilitate and create rich, effective and exciting strategies that provide opportunities that embed and extend scientific skills.

RP027 Making an impact in EYFS: Science as an enabling environment for early literacy skills
This course will help you to use science as an engaging context in the Early Years Foundation Stage to support the development of children’s early literacy skills.

RP028 Making an impact in EYFS: A science subject leaders’ guide to developing good practice
This course will help primary science subject leaders understand the complexities of the Early Years Foundation Stage and identify ways to support and develop teaching and learning in the context of ‘Understanding the World’.

RP029 Making an impact in EYFS: Using the outdoors to promote ‘Understanding of the World’
This course will help you use the outdoor environment to support teaching and learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage and create a stimulating context for young children to ‘Understand the World’.

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RP090 What is engineering?
This course provides an introduction to engineering at primary level. It provides participants with an understanding of what engineering is and how it may be introduced to children at primary level.

RP091 Tinkering as an approach to learning across the STEM curriculum
This course is an introduction to using tinkering as an approach to learning in science, computing and D&T and to build resilience in pupils at primary level.

RP101 Developing the role of the science subject leader
Good subject leadership has a positive impact on the quality of science teaching in primary schools. You will explore a range of strategies to audit and lead science in your school, understand your role more fully and be able to identify and promote effective primary science.

RP102 Assessment and progression in primary science
Evidence shows that effective Assessment for Learning (AfL) leads to raised attainment. Now that formal recording of levels has been removed, you need to be secure in your understanding of how to make judgments about children's achievements and progress.

RP103 Raising attainment primary science
Where there has been a drop in attainment in science it is important to identify and evaluate possible causes and consider strategies for making good lessons outstanding.

RP112 Strengthening subject understanding in ......
A bespoke course for the school to decide the subject matter.

RP113 Linking core subjects - science and mathematics
Collecting, analysing and presenting data in primary science requires and provides opportunity for the use and development of mathematical skills.

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RP114 Making powerful connections between primary literacy and science
You will explore a range of strategies designed to improve children's ability to use scientific language.

RP177 Leading primary science in a special educational needs setting
Leading science in a special educational needs setting has been developed to empower practitioners working in SEND settings to discover the potential of the science curriculum for students.

RP182 Engaging science for Key Stage 1
This course will enable you to plan and embed a progressive and engaging curriculum to meet the needs of your pupils.

RP183 Engaging science for Key Stage 2
This course will enable you to plan and embed a progressive and engaging curriculum to meet the needs of your pupils.

RP184 Developing your primary science curriculum using the Ofsted framework
This course will guide science subject leaders through the aims of the Ofsted framework to develop confidence and understanding.  

Bespoke Support

We would be delighted to individually tailor a course to meet your school's needs.
Our current schedule - All our currently scheduled courses can be found on our website here, or please get in touch if you are interested in a specific course.
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