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Le Volcano

by Oscar Martin


Le Volcano
By Oscar Martin
It was Monday the 12th when Bob took a Vacation at a beach resort in Hawaii called: Honolulu resorts... BUT his beach resort was next to a Volcano. On his 12th day there he felt a rumble, then he saw a heap of lava and magma! He ran hazardously close to the lava and magma, to take a picture, then, he ran away to The other side of Hawaii. Good news: he got some fitness. Bad news: his vacation was terrible.
How do… volcanoes occur?
Earth is like an egg.  It has 4 layers: a crust, a mantle, an outer core and an inner core.  The crust is made up of different pieces called tectonic plates, when 2 of them crash together a mountain or volcano is formed, the lava and magma does not come out yet, because now, pressure builds up until there's to much pressure causing a Volcanic explosion.
What are the causes of… volcanoes

Volcanic eruptions can destroy buildings and kill lots and lots of people. Did you know that Volcanoes can actually change the climate?  Well yes, they can. Also they can cause lots of economic damage.
What are the effects of …volcanoes 
Mount Vesuvius was an ancient volcano in Pompeii Rome. Back then the Romans did not know that Vesuvius was a volcano. Before it erupted there was an earthquake also in Pompeii and in ancient times people did not know that volcanoes are connected with earthquakes. The eruption killed hundreds of thousands of people.

What are the solutions …
For your survival you should drive or fly away from an erupting volcano. In other words, get out of the area with a Volcanic eruption A.S.A.P. Also, NEVER water a Volcano with a watering can, it will not work.