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Science Career Exploration SBI3U

by Daniel Xu


Science Career Exploration - Science Teacher
Mr. X
The Day to Day of a Science Teacher
Science teachers are responsible for:
Teaching a full day of lessons
Creating assessments - formative and summative and marking assessments
Creating lesson plans (making worksheets, powerpoints, and other teaching materials)
Attending staff meetings and professional development
Additional tasks that teachers do include:
Supervising student teachers, advising students about post-secondary pathways and course decisions, planning and organizing field trips, and providing individualized materials for students who require extra assistance, organizing labs and supervising extra-curricular activities.
Though there is a routine school day that all teachers have, depending on the extracurriculars and additional material and content that teachers take on, each day can look varied.
Teachers work with a variety of people. This list includes fellow teachers, administrators (including the vice principal and principal), students, curriculum advisors, parents and guardians, and many other education stakeholders. Teachers often support fellow teachers, providing advice, teaching materials, and support as needed, forming strong workplace relationships
Though they need to be professional, teachers can wear a variety of outfits.
Fun fact: Almost every teacher's favourite food is the apple!
Though no specific high school courses must be taken for the role of a science teacher, it is highly recommended that they take 6 grade 12 U or M level courses. Of these courses, advanced functions, English, and the 3 sciences are highly recommended. If teaching at the high school level, a teacher will have to specialize in 2 teaching subjects, whereas if teaching at the elementary level the teacher will need to be familiar with a variety of subjects.