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Punjab folk tales

by Ambika Bedi


Reading Around India.
Folk Tales from Punjab.
By- Ambika Bedi Grade 6-A
The Shriram Millennium School Gurugram
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This book is owned by Ambika bedi. No other party or person can authorized to print, copy or publish it in parts or full thereof.

Published on- September 2021
Cover design- Ambika Bedi
Illustrations- Ambika Bedi

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I dedicate this book to my teacher
ms. Rohini Sharma
The Sparrow and The Crow
Once upon a time along with Sutlaj river in Punjab there lived a sparrow named Chibi. One day she thought i would really like to grow a field of wheat for myself.
To get more help she asked her neighbor Carl the Crow. Yes of course replied Carl and sang fairy mohab.
She went to the field and waited for carl but, Carl didn't turn up. She plowed and seeded the land all by herself.