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Los NIKE Important People Canada

by Marina, David, Aroa y Neizan


inportant people in
Finn Wolfhard
finn wolfhard is a canadian actor. He was born in 2002 has starred in: stranger things,IT,the turning and some more movies. His girlfriend's name is Elsie Richter.
Panela Anderson:
Panela Anderson is 55 years old, she was born on july 1. She measures 1.70. She is an actrees and has starred in scooby-doo, barb wire and more well know movies. Her boyfriend is Dan Hayhurst.
important people in canada
the weekend
Abel Makkonen Tesfaye,artistically known as The Weeknd,is a Canadian singer , songwriter and record producer.
Johnson,s first leading role in a movie was in the Scorpion King in 2022.For this, he was paid 5.5millon.