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mi beautiful life

by Nateth Zúñiga Ávila


my beautiful life
my name is nateh zuñiga avila i am 21 years old, i live in cienaga de oro cordoba, i study at the university of cordoba i am in the sixth semester of a degree in early childhood education, i live with my parents and siblings i like roses, chocolates, going to the movies spend time with my family, and chat a bit with my cousins.
my favorite people
My people are favorites of my life. These people make my days happy with their caresses and little occurrences, they fill my life with love and happiness every minute.
the phrase with which I most identify chimba since I like that expression

the song I identify with is skinny nappa
my city
my favorite city is new york since it is the city of the big apple it is surrounded by its statue of liberty that is beautiful, and its people are wonderful, the metropolitan area is beautiful, in winter time it is the most beautiful thing that can exist , the job opportunities that are there for everything in a few moments, that city is beautiful, the city of my dreams.
my favorite food is the paisa tray, also cold salads but with fruit, one of my talents is painting, I like soccer, especially suffering in matches in Colombia hahaha, I also like to dance.