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by christopher c


Name:Christopher Campoverde

Course: 1C1

Teacher:Darwin Salazar


1. It is the largest feline in America and the only living representative of the Panthera genus on the continent
2.It is mainly nocturnal, but can be active in the early morning.
3. The jaguar is an excellent swimmer and has been seen in large rivers as well as on land
The Jaguar inhabits Tropical Forests and Temperate-Humid Forests from some small populations
It is the apex predator of its distribution range and feeds on more than 85 species of all sizes, from terrestrial or aquatic habitats.
The jaguar's favorite prey are large animals. Peccaries, tapirs, monkeys, snakes, birds such as chachalacas, paujiles and pavas) and even animals considered ferocious: alligators can be mentioned.
Causes for its extinction:
These species require large habitat areas with a stable prey base for their long-term survival, and are particularly susceptible to population declines in human-modified landscapes.

Human persecution, global habitat loss, and fragmentation have put most large carnivore species at risk of extinction around the world.
Help the conservation of this species:
The first thing I would do would be to make the subject known to all the people and showing them that this bone species, the jaguar, is in danger of extinction, it needs all the possible help to prevent this great feline from becoming extinct.
1.Avoid the destruction of their habitat
2.Do not hunt him and his prey
3. Have a protected area so that no one enters