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“Baby Face” Nelson
By: Jacob Finnegan
Chapter One: Childhood
This is a book about Lester M. Gillis, better known as “Baby Face” Nelson. I bet you didn’t get that from the title. As a kid, Nelson was just an average kid, except that he was short. Got em! Oh, and he was in a gang before he was fourteen, and he stole tires for some reason. I guess tires had a big market. Basically the kid had some problems. In 1922, Nelson was charged with auto theft and sent to a boy's home. He was released on parole 2 years
later, but stole another car and was put back in the home. Since I don't have much information on Nelson's childhood, I am going to also write about him in his 20's. In 1928, Nelson met his wife, Hellen Wawzynak. She was a salesgirl at the time. Since Nelson's real name was Lester Gillis, She went by Helen Gillis. I think she was glad to not have the name Wawzynak anymore. I imagine she was bullied in school. This is just me adding stuff because there really isn't enough I can find about
Baby Face to write a full 18 pages, so I do what I can. I thought it would be funny to make the cover of the book baby blue because people call Nelson "Baby Face" In 1932, Nelson met another criminal by the name of John Paul Chase, who he would be close to for the rest of his life. I would tell you more, but that's what chapter 2 is for! I hope it will be longer than this one...
Chapter Two: Crime Is More Fun With Friends
After Nelson met John Paul Chase, they lived in California smuggling illegal liquor for about a year. in May, Nelson left for Long Beach, Indiana until December, 1933. While Nelson was in Indiana he met quite a few criminals. Among these criminals was Homer Van Meter, who sometimes went with them to San Antonio, Texas. This might have been where Nelson first met the Dillinger gang. Nelson went to Chicago, Illinois with his wife and John Paul Chase
in April of 1934. In Chicago, they joined the Dillinger gang. later they took a vacation with the Dillinger gang to northern Wisconsin. I wonder what it would be like to take a vacation with a bunch of criminals. Anyways, The FBI found them and raided the lodge they were in. Before they got there, The dogs barking let Nelson and the Dillinger gang know that they probably don't want to be in that lodge anymore... You know, because of the SWAT team. Nelson ran to a nearby house and forced his way in. When the cops arrived, Nelson