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All About Pandas

by Trinity Griffin


All About Pandas!
Trinity Griffin.
Chapter One.
Pandas have a really good sense, they can smell bamboo or fish from a mile away!
Red pandas can also smell from a mile away, but they have different tastes.
Pandas love to eat bamboo, and so do red pandas sometimes!
Sometimes pandas roll and they also love snow, they roll in it like it's not even cold, they have a lot of fur so they can't feel a thing!
Red pandas love snow, they can even live in it!
Chapter two
Pandas love to eat bamboo, so do red pandas, not all the time they eat it, just around the day they do, sometimes they eat fish.
Pandas can give birth to other pandas, red pandas can too. The male of the red panda and giant panda can be very harsh, also overprotective!
That's the end!
Here is authors note!
Pandas like to play around and they also love to fight, but not all of them are soft, they can go hard core, watch out!
Written by Trinity Griffin.
Illustrated by Trinity Griffin.