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White Fang

by Classe V A Tambroni a. s. 2021/22


One day in April, in Canada, in a dense forest ...Five wolf pups are born: four are brown and one is grey. Their father is a grey wolf and their mother is half -wolf and half- dog. Her name is Kiche.
Andrea:: Caterina R.:: Abi

The cub wandered away from the den and got lost; later a man found him. The cub didn't understard his identity.
Later he realized that it was an indian.
The stranger was called Gray Beaver.
Giacomo Gennari
Federica Terra
Gray Beaver teakes the pup to the indian village.
He decides to call the little wolf 'White Fang'
White Fang is sad and at the night he cries and cries.
but suddnealy... a big brown wolf arrives.
It is White Fang's mum
Lucio e Alberto
kiche stays at the village whith White Fang and the Indians. White Fang is happy,but one day Grey Beaver sells Kiche. White Fang becomes a sledge dog.
The other dogs hate White Fang because he is different.
He is three-quarters wolf. White Fang doesn't have any friends and he is sad and loney
Di Emna e Giulia
One day Grey Beaver sells WHite Fang to a Beauty Smith, a cruel man!
Poor White Fang!
He wants to go back a village, but he can't.
White Fang becomes a fighting dog.
He doesn't want to fight, but he must fight to protect himself.