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All About Grasshoppers



All About grasshoppers
by Adnan Osman
Table of Contents
1.What kind of bug is this ?
2. In which ecosystem does this bug live? How does this bug depend on its surroundings to get what it needs?
3. What physical characteristics help this bug survive in its ecosystem?
4. How does this bug interact with other members of its species? Why is this important to its survival?
5. What living things depend on this bug? How and why?
6. What might happen to the ecosystem if this bug were removed permanently? What should humans do to make sure this doesn't happen?
Research Question 1
Grasshoppers are insects. I know this because all insects have wings. Grasshoppers have 3 body parts.
Research Question 2
Grasshoppers need to live in hot places so it can get what it needs. It gets food by eating grass and leaves. It also get water by eating plants. Grasshoppers even get air through spiracles. Grasshoppers must live in the correct ecosystem so they can survive.
Research Question 3
Eyes, legs, and mouth are three important physical characteristics of a grasshopper. It uses eyes to see all around. It also uses legs to jump a long way. Grasshoppers even use the mouth to spit at their enemies. Grasshoppers need all of these adaptations to survive
Research Question 4
Just like any other insect, grasshoppers also have a life cycle. Grasshoppers start out as an egg then it turns to a nymph. After that, it turns to an adult. Lastly, it can live for one year.