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Saint Mary's University Journey

by Sandra Wieser-Matthews

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Service of Quality and Involvement

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but we can change nothing until it is faced.” James Baldwin’s words help me on my journey of working toward greater inclusion and equity. His quote reminds me of how messy and uncomfortable diversity work can be and how essential it is for growth and change. The Lasallian Principles of concern for social justice, respect of all persons, quality education, and inclusive community align with Baldwin’s words. Education is the bridge to greater humanity. Each educator has a responsibility to walk alongside our learners across the bridge. 

As I work in the MAT and LDT programs, I am always curious and ready to help others to be curious, too. My Doctoral work focused both on technology and equity. My core beliefs are in serving others. If a learner or a staff member needs an educational technology tool, I offer my time to research, to test, and to practice together. Colleagues and learners who know me know I am also ready to help with resources that will add the lens of equity, race, class, and gender to our conversation, our collaboration, and our curriculum.  

*CELT Fellows candidate
*Continuous contacting companies when their products do not have an AntiRacist lens. Examples: *Correspondence to Prezi, Booklet, and Canvas.
Willingness to teach all courses offered to me by my Directors.
*Focus on building meaningful relationships with learners and staff.
*Constant communication with learners and staff.
Intentional feedback.
*Desire for continuous improvement.
*Completed Online Certification courses.
Contribution to Mission

My actions, scholarship, research, and activism at Saint Mary’s reflect my walk alongside my learners. My teaching, mentoring, and leading focuses on awakening, nurturing, and empowering learners to ethical lives of service and leadership.
Examples include:

*Teaching multiple courses in the MAT and LDT programs.
*Applying and being accepted into the Fellows Program.
*Gaining beginning, intermediate, and advanced Online Certifications.
*Collaborating with SMUMN colleagues in the MAT and LDT programs
*Continuous research into equity, inclusion, race, class, and gender in Education.
*Presenting research in equity, inclusion, and race to colleagues.
*Research into Gamification and equity.