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Developing Vocabulary

by Emily Jetter


Developing Vocabulary for Beginning and Intermediate Students
Beginning English Learners

Utilize high-frequency word lists
Careful emphasis on content-area vocabulary
Total Physical Response (TPR) demonstrating day-to-day activities
Read-Aloud to familiarize students with sounds and cadences of English
Create Word Cards and Word Walls to promote vocabulary development
Intermediate Learners
Word Wheels to introduce verbs, adjectives, adverbs
Emphasis on students using more precise terms
Vocabulary Self-Collection
Students compile lists of words they consider important from reading and compare with classmates. The class will work together to builder stronger understanding of their meaning
Vocabulary Journals
Students record new words in a journal. They define the words and compose their own sentences using the word. They can add new sentences using the word as they come across the word in different contexts
Sample Vocabulary
Analyze, Photosynthesis, Model, Products, Glucose
1. Teacher will expose students to new words and provide opportunities to build understanding of vocabulary
Explicit Instruction of vocabulary 
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2. Students will experience vocabulary in a variety of materials both on their own and with the help of the teacher
Students practice use of vocabulary in natural flowing conversation 
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3. Students will practice writing vocabulary
4. Instruct students on strategies, such as using root words, dictionaries and context clues to understand new words