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Cultures of ecuador

by Maria Sarmiento


Name : Maria Del Cisne Sarmiento
Course: 8 h
Teacher : Maria Gabriela
Matter: Social Studies
Cultures of Ecuador
The mestizo culture
The popular food
The mestizos enjoy typical dishes such as: hornado, roasted guinea pig, rice with stew and meat,
fish ceviche, among others.
The mestizo culture
The popular holidays
Like any culture, the mestizos celebrate each special date and they celebrate it in the best way. Among their most celebrated festivities we have: the carnival, Holy Week, the pilgrimage of the Virgen de El Cisne in Loja, the pilgrimage to the Virgen del Quinche, the festival of the Mama Negra and the Pass of the Traveler Boy in Cuenca.
The mestizo culture
 The popular art
The mestizos create a wonderful art and they create any type of clothing or instrument among them we have clothing of skirts, hats, cutarras, embroidered shirts, the making of trembling elaboration of instruments such as drums, maracas, mouthpieces.
The mestize culture
The religion
The mestizos maintain the Catholic religion during all these years, they pay devotion to the Virgin of the Swan or also to the Christ of Consuelo and the Divine Child
The mestizos have many myths but in the most outstanding we have: Patasola, the Patetarro, the Hojarasquín, the Sombrerón and Cantuña.