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How the cheetah got its speed

by Sophie Holland-Lloyd


How the Cheetah got its speed!
Sophie Holland-Lloyd
In the dawn of creation, when all the world was fresh and lively, all of the animals worked hard and did good deeds for others. All, that is, except one lacklustre, lethargic animal called Cheetah.
Of all the animals across the vast savannah, Cheetah was one of the most good-looking. His elongated tail, fluffy fur with shades of beige and dark brown spots, helped him to curl into a cosy coil at night; while his large feet made walking across the scorching sands of the desert easier.
Being a vain creature, Cheetah enjoyed looking at his reflection in the cool oasis waters, admiring his matt black eyes and
fearless face (at least that’s what he thought).
Most days, Cheetah slept in and would busy himself with foraging for his meals. If any animal walked by or asked for help, he would simply reply, “I’m too slow.” Just, “I’m too slow.” That’s all.
Early one morning, a wealthy hyena – wearing a sophisticated, gold plated collar- gracefully strolled over the scattered boulders, towards Cheetah.
“Good morning to you young fellow!” remarked hyena, in a strong, respectable tone. “Could you possibly take pleasure in hunting with me and my pack of well- trained dogs?”
“I am too slow.” grunted Cheetah.
“How rude!” thought Hyena and trotted off to tell the pack.
Moments later, a frail, moss covered tortoise, that was rolling a large rock with its head, hobbled over the arid sand. “He-llo … Ch-eetah!” rasped Tortoise. “Can you hel...p me build a shel-ter for me… and my …… family?”

“I am too slow!” was the response.
“Out-rageous!” exclaimed Tortoise.  

Offended and aggravated, Tortoise turned away and hobbled over the sun kissed horizon.
As the day wore on, and the light started to fade, a bull – chocolate brown in colour approached Cheetah with a large oblong bruise on his head. "Cheetah!” he beckoned. “I need your help with… with my spinning game.” Bull admitted, embarrassed about his need. “You see, it’s all seeming so easy. All of the animals can win now. Can you help me make it harder?”

"I'm too slow." replied Cheetah.

With a grunt, Bull plodded off, over the dunes of the desert.
At the end of the day, when silver speckles of glitter danced in the night sky, the three animals hosted a
meeting complaining about how Cheetah wouldn’t do anything to help.

Hyena told the story of how Cheetah denied an invitation to hunt with him; Tortoise rambled on about how he had not helped in the making of his shelter and Bull whined on about how Cheetah had said he was too slow to help out with his failed
spinning game.
When the meeting finally concluded, the animals decided that they needed a plan. A plan to trick Cheetah into running: to scare him.

Setting off towards cheetah’s den, Hyena, Tortoise and Bull, came across a camel with a peculiarly large
‘bump’ on his back.