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by Moaz Sayed


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مساء الخير على الجميع انا بس هالفت النظر الى شويه نقاط كدا خاصه بالproblem solving.
جزء دكتور حوفي
لو حد سألك مثلا علي Quality service هي اية انتو عارفين ان service في حد ذاته نوع من انواع Quality مثلا لو نتكلم ماكدولندز بيقدم اكل ليه جودة معينة وفي نفس الوقت بيقدم services للي هي عمليه توصيل الاكل للمنازل و السرعة في تقديم الطلبات بدون ما يكونوا داخل المحل المهم لما نقول Quality Service دايما لو حد سألني ممكن ميحصلهاش مثلا management امتي لما يبقا customer expectation are not known ازي هعمل quality service وانا توقعات الزبون بتاعي انا مش عارفها لازم اعرف توقعات الزبون مني طبعاً.
quality service management cannot be managed when customer expectation is not known
Purpose of Histogram: to determine the spread or variation of a set of data points in a graphical form.
Note: Not only can histograms help you know which processes need improvement they can also help you track that improvement
بردوا عندنا pareto chart عبارة عن أية ممكن تتكلم عنه انه
Pareto Chart: is a vertical bar chart in which the bars are arranged in the descending order of their height starting from the left and prioritize the problems or issues.
دايما pareto charts بنستخدمهم في ان انا بعمل( prioritize to Casuse of problem) لو في كذا مشكلة وانا بحاول احل
-to prioritize problems
-to analyze a process
-to identify root causes
-to verify that whatever improvement process you implement continues to work
- لتحديد أولويات المشاكل
-لتحليل العملية
- التعرف على الأسباب الجذرية
- للتحقق من استمرار نجاح أي عملية تحسين تنفذها
طبعا pareto analysis بسيساعد في اية مكتوب عندنا في الكتاب بيساعد في أية
جزء دكتور حوفي
Pareto analysis: helps graphically display results so the significant few problems emerge from the general background.
It tells you what to work on first.
(Pareto Analysis) helps identify the main causes (20%) that lead to 80% of the problems that need are to be solved.
80/20 rule examples:
80% of the customer complaints ensue from 20% of the products or services delivered.
20% of the products or services yield 80% of the profits.
20% of the people responsible for sales generate 80% of the operational income.
20% of the system failures are caused by 80% f the system problems.
طبعا عارفين قاعدة 80/20 ان 80 من شكاوي الزباين من 20 من الخدمات
Check Sheets: a tool for collecting and organizing measured or counted data.
Data collected can be used as input data for other quality tools.
عندنا بردوا Check sheet طبعا لازم ابقا عارف 7 tools كل واحدة عارف هي أية وweated pareto chart بتستخدم في أية وافرق بينها وبين Pareto chart
What are the Basic Seven Tools of Quality?
• Fishbone Diagrams
• Histograms
• Pareto Analysis
• Flowcharts
• Scatter Plots
• Run Charts
• Control Charts
Weighted Pareto charts :use the quantity of defects multiplied by their cost to determine the order.
اية هو ال Approach to move towards Zero defect
طبعاً احنا عارفين ان
جزء دكتور حوفي
Zero Defect: is a popular tool used among companies trying to become more competitive.
Approach to move towards Zero defect.
Establish norms for each stage of the process.
Ensure processes are performed as per the norms,
Measure and evaluate the results consistently against the standards
Take corrective action to eliminate the root cause of the deviations
Upgrade standards as we go along the path of improvement
3rd Party evaluation & certification needed to verify the process
being followed as a zero-defect manufacturer
Objective Validation essential to be accepted by all customers
لازم ال cost عارفينها 5-6حاجات في الcost لازم نبقا عارفينهم
*Cost of Achieving Good Quality
- Prevention costs: costs incurred during product design
-Appraisal costs: costs of measuring, testing, and analyzing
*Cost of Poor Quality
-Internal failure costs: include scrap, rework, process failure, downtime, and price reductions
-External failure costs: include complaints, returns, warranty claims, liability, and lost sales
نبقا عارفين ال defect دا عبارة عن أية لو حد قالي عن تعريف
Defect: product or process that don’t meet customer requirements for use.
Benchmarking نبقا عارفين بيعمل اية
جزء دكتور حوفي
Benchmarking: is the process of understanding one’s practice and performance, comparing them against that of competitors or best-in-class firms, learning how they practice and perform, and using that information to improve one’s own practice and performance.
NOTE: Benchmarking can stimulate creativity and provide a stimulus that enables operations to better understand how they should be serving their customers.
Drawing control chart requires calculation of statistical from data
لو أنا عايز drawing to Control chart محتاجه اية في الرسم
من ضمن لما انا بسأل عن ال problem identification دا محتاج أية عشان اعمله بعمل brainstorming and flow chart علي اساس اشوف الخطوات كلها واشوف المشكلة فين في انهي خطوة.
For problem identification: we use brainstorming and flowchart.
فاكرين بردوا السيكل بردوا مننساش Deming wheel (PDCA) cycle دا اختصار لاية
بعا لازم نبقا عارفين في control chart بيقا فيه أية بيبقا فيه average موجود في center وعامل upper control limit and lower control limit والمفروض النتيجة تكون within ليهم هما الاتنين لو عدت يبقا دا في مشكلة طبعا نبقا عارفين ?what is upper and lower
Control chart:-
• The centerline stands for the average quality characteristic.
• The upper line stands for upper control limit (UCL).
• The lower line stands for lower control limit (LCL).
• If the sample falls between UCL and LCL, the quality is under control. Otherwise, when it is beyond the UCL or lower than the LCL, the quality is out of control (function).
كمان cause defect diagram (Ishikawa diagram or Fishbone diagram) بيستخدم في أية بس نبقا عارفين بيستخدم في ال Problem analysis
جزء دكتور حوفي
Cause and effect diagram (Ishikawa diagram or Fishbone diagram): is an investigative tool.
used in problem analysis leading to the root cause of a problem.
Note: is helpful in representing the relationship between an effect and the potential or possible causes that influences it.
طبعا ال problem identification وال problem solving بتبدي بأية لازم في الاول اعمل Problem identification
Problem solving start with problem identification.
كمان ال cost of Quality بنقا عارفين Food Quality تعبر عن اية لازم الكورس كله مرتبط quality
Cost of quality: Difference between price of nonconformance and conformance.
Food Quality: It is the extent to which all the established requirements relating to the characteristics of a food are met.
Deming’s 14 Points
1. Create constancy of purpose
2. Adopt philosophy of prevention
3. Cease mass inspection
4. Select a few suppliers based on quality
5. Constantly improve system and workers
6. Institute worker training
7. Instill leadership among supervisors
8. Eliminate fear among employees
نبقا عارفين FourTeen POINT OF DEMIG بتاعت أية و تحتوي علي اية و بتعبر عن أية لانها ليها علاقة بفلسفة الوقاية دي طبعا احسن من ان المشكلة تحصل
9. Eliminate barriers between department
10. Eliminate slogans
11. Remove numerical quotas (Target)
12. Enhance worker pride
13. Institute vigorous training and education programs
14. Develop a commitment from top management to implement above 13 points