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by Sydney Sioen


The live of Finn the smartwatch

“Hey, my name is Finn and my life was going pretty good. I had a lot of brothers and sisters. We've been together since we were made at the smarthwach factory in 2020 and later we were transported to the store together. So I know them really well, we lost touch when Eric bought me. But I wasn’t so sad about it because I finally had a dad! I was pretty happy with my new family, until he threw me on the street. But you know what they say, not everything in your life is perfect.“
Speech Bubble

“ But let’s go back to the moment Eric bought me. It was the 14th of September, my sisters, my brothers and I finally arrived at the media shop. It was horrible, lying there day after day with people going in and out of the store. But one day there (finally) came a man in the store that decided he wanted to take me home with him. “

“And we had fun together, he took me literally everywhere. To his work, to the bathroom (no comments), to the tennis class, etc.”
“I met his friends and for the first time in my life I thought my life was perfect… I thought I was irreplaceable! But that's the thing with humans: there are very little things in their life that are “irreplaceable”. From my spot on his wrist, I was watching TV with Eric when there was an advertisement, a new smartwatch! How ridiculous! I was doing perfectly fine. But I saw Eric hesitate… After a few minutes he decided he didn't need a new smartwatch. And I was very relieved. But I was too soon. The next three months there were another two advertisements. And by the fourth, Eric decided…”
“He threw me out, just like that. And here I was… On the street, I was barely five months old! I lay there, and on day two I broke because of all of the cars who rode over me. “