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Jesse Owens

by Shiloh D


Jesse Owens
The Fastest Man Alive
By:Shiloh D’Eliso
Early Years
In this book you will learn all about Jesse Owens. Jesse Owens was born on September 12, 1913 in Oakville, Alabama, U.S.A. He was born to a sharecropping family and had ten siblings.
Jesse Owens faced many challenges. Some of his challenges were being born a sharecropper, having many sicknesses as a child such as scarlet fever and asthma, and not being able to be in the same nice hotels his white teammates could . Some more of his challenges were not being able to get scholarships for running on the track team, and that when he came back to the U.S. the president didn’t make a party for him, and he didn’t even congratulate him. Those are some challenges that Jesse Owens faced.
Jesse Owens is known for a lot of things. Jesse Owens is most known for being one of the fastest men on earth and helping people understand that black people are just as good and cool and amazing as white people. He is also notable for telling people all the struggles that black people have gone through and how they still have done amazing things.That is why Jesse Owens is notable.
Later years
Jesse Owens married Minnie Ruth Solomon in 1935. When Jesse Owens came back from the Olympics he had a hard time finding a job but eventually found jobs such as Petrol station attendant, Playground Janitor, Manager of a dry cleaning firm, and Gas pumper.Because of smoking, Owens died of lung cancer at 67 years old on March 31, 1980.
Things I Admire
I admire many things about Jesse Owens. Some of the things I admire about Jesse Owens are that he didn’t boast about his abilities, he also never let things get him down and always had a smile on his face even when he wasn’t on the track.Some more things I admire about Jesse Owens are that he won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Olympics under Hitlers rule and he proved to everyone that colored people are just as good as white people.Those are the reasons I admire about Jesse Owens.