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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

by Nicole Harris


Welcome to 3rd Grade with
Miss Harris!
Antelope Canyon 2022-2023
A new year and a new opportunity to build relationships and experience learning together! Third grade will be the best year yet. 
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The following pages are goals and expectations for my class this year. I'm looking forward to a great year! Thank you for supporting your child in their growth and learning this year!
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Meet your teacher

This is my 14th year or teaching, teaching and learning has always been my passion. It truly makes me a better person and I feel so grateful I get the chance to learn and grow with you this year. I have taught grades 1st-4th, but third grade is the best! I love the curriculum and I love the students. We learn a lot and have a fun time along the way.

I grew up in Austin Texas and over the years I have lived in many different states. I moved to Utah about 14 years ago and I don't think I'll ever leave, I love it here. The mountains are my absolute favorite!

Things I love to do: traveling, reading, spending time with friends & family, trying new recipes, attending museums & factories, and riding roller coasters.
A Few of my Favorite Things:

Color: All shades of green
Drink: Diet Coke
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Subject: Math
Candy: Take 5
Season: Fall
Sport: Volleyball
Flower: greenery
Activity: Travel, read, movies, board games
My nieces in Texas: Bailey, Zaita, Sawyer, and Lexi.
My niece & nephew in Washington: Sara & Logan
More about me!
I'll always be a Texan.
Aside from teaching, traveling is my absolute favorite thing to do!
Sloths are 1 of my top 3 favorite animals!
I am always looking to explore and make memories. Found this cute little Icelandic horse during one of my adventures.
I love trying new things. Last summer I learned how to bake in France!
Classroom Expectations
Expectations for Students
-Come to school prepared to work hard and learn!
-BE KIND to yourself, to others, and supplies
-Participate in class and share your thinking
-Be respectful to all students and teachers
-Be responsible for your learning and your materials
Expectations for Parents
-Be positive about your child's learning.
-Encourage your child to have a positive attitude about their learning
-Contact me immediately if you have any questions or concerns
-Help when and where you are able, we are in this together!

Speech Bubble
Speech Bubble
Positive & Negative Consequences
Each student will be earning letters to spell KINDNESS. They will move their clip along the K.I.N.D.E.S.S. board. Each time a student goes above and beyond they move their clip one letter on the chart. Students can only move forward, never backwards on the chart. When a student "spells" KINDNESS by getting their clip to the final letter, they will be celebrated by the class, receive a certificate, and a small reward.

Students can also earn one or more of the following:
-Positive prasie
-A happy phone call home
-Earn Dojo points to use towards class reward coupons
-Leader of the week (a positive trip to the principal's office)
-School wide award (Kindness dollar, kindness club, or class coin)
Students learn through their mistakes. This is a year to grow and learn together. I am a big believer in natural consequences and working through our problems. All students will be given a verbal warning and will discuss appropriate actions. I will work with parents and students when issues arise.

There will be times when students will need an opportunity to take a moment by themself and reflect their actions. During these times, they will will go to Think Time.

THINK TIME is a time and place for students to reflect on their choices. A student who has received a THINK TIME will go to another third grade classroom to fill out a form and take a quick break to cool down. The filled out form will be sent home for a parent signature and must be returned the following day.