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This is: Ma'am Idah

by RC


This is: Ma'am Idah
Idah grew up with two loving parents, three sisters and five brothers.
She was two years old when her father passed away, and her older brother went to work on a farm to provide them all with a home.
Her mother struggled and didn't have what was necessary for Idah and her siblings to go to school. Her brothers worked very hard to help their mother to provide what they needed.
Idah was a clever child and tried her very best in primary school, but when she got to high school, her struggle started. She had no real knowledge of the English language and had to learn very fast.
After she passed matric, she stayed home because her mother couldn't support her financially to go to college or university.
After a few years of struggle, she got a job at The Cavern Resort where she looked after the children of people staying at the resort.
While working at The Cavern, Idah discovered her love for working with children.
After a while, her employer approached her and said she wanted to start a school for the local communities, and wanted to know if Idah would be interested to be a part of this amazing opportunity.
Idah was so excited to have the opportunity to be able to work with children every day, so soon after, the school opened and Idah started working as an assistant to one of the teachers.
Soon after she started working at Royal Drakensberg Primary School, Idah got the opportunity to study and get a teaching qualification in Early Childhood Development.
Idah now teaches grade RR and is very happy. She is a very valuable person in many of her students' lives. She influences them on a daily basis and is loved by all her students as well as the other teachers she works with.
Idah has four children - The eldest is working, the second is enrolled in university, the third started his school career at Royal Drakensberg Primary School and is in grade 7 now and the fourth is currently in grade two at Royal Drakensberg Primary School. She also has a grandson who is in grade one at Royal Drakensberg Primary School. She is a proud mother and grandmother who is privileged enough to be able to say that she played a huge role in educating her children and grandchildren.