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Fortunate's Story

by RC


Fortunate's Story
Fortunate is a 12 year old girl, born in 2006. She is currently in grade 7 at Obonjaneni Primary School. She grew up in a very loving family with both her parents, two older brothers and one younger brother. Her father is the breadwinner in their home. Even though they always had everything they needed, Fortunate's parents taught her to be wise with her earnings and to save for the future.

Fortunate started her school career at Royal Drakensberg Primary School when she was 4 years old. This is where she discovered her love for many things - horse riding, river rafting and reading. Her father was worried that he could not afford more than two years at Royal Drakensberg Primary, but through the commitment of Fortunate's teachers, they found her a sponsor to stay at RDP.

When Fortunate was younger, she wanted to be an electrician or electrical engineer when she grew up. Now, as she has become older, she is interested in becoming a teacher, astronomer, actress or a singer. Her favourite subjects are Mathematics, English, Natural Science, Technology and Astronomy.
When Fortunate was growing up, people teased her and called her names saying that they were poor - but she did not let it get to her. Her mother taught her not to judge other people, because she would not like it if someone does that to her. She should be confident in herself and carry on doing things her way and the right way.

Fortunate is doing very well in her current school, and she said it is because of the good education she received at Royal Drakensberg Primary School where she discovered her love for reading. Some of her favourite books are ones without pictures, because it lets her use her imagination.

Fortunate was very sad to leave Royal Drakensberg Primary when she was in grade 5. She will never forget the fun things she did and how loving and supportive her teachers were.
The teachers at RDP were lucky enough to have Fortunate come back for a quick visit.
"How does it feel to be back at Royal Drakensberg Primary for a quick visit?"
"What do you miss most about Royal Drakensberg Primary?"
"How did RDP help prepare you for your current school?"
"What is your favourite memory of Royal Drakensberg Primary School?"
"How did RDP change your life?"
Fortunate was able to tell us a little bit about her family, as well as her hopes and dreams for the future.
"Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your family."
"What career path are you thinking of following?"
"What are your hopes and dreams for the future?"
Fortunate agreed to be a part of the Big5Hike on the 25th of May 2019. We are so lucky that Fortunate was a part of Royal Drakensberg Primary and that the teachers were able to encourage her to always do her best.
"Who influenced you the most during your time at Royal Drakensberg Primary school?"
"Thank you for joining us on the Big5Hike. What do you think you will enjoy the most?"