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Samkelo's Story

by RC


Samkelo's story
Sam was raised by his grandmother while is mother (Maliqwa) went to college. When his mother came back, she started working at The Cavern with his granny. Maliqwa moved to Durban for work, and left Sam with his grandmother and aunt (Joyce).

When Sam's grandmother passed away, Joyce took him in as part of her family. She also has two of her own children to care for. Sam had to be the responsible one who fetched water after school, washed the dishes, fed his cousins and cared for them until his aunt got home from work.

Sam loved singing in church on Sundays. One day, one of his teachers discovered his beautiful voice.
Sam has always been a very dedicated student and a clever boy. He focuses on his schoolwork and is continuing to excel in all areas of his schooling.

When his teachers at Royal Drakensberg Primary discovered that he had a beautiful voice, they started working tirelessly to find Sam a sponsor to further his education and to continue feeding his unique vocal talents.

When a sponsor was finally found, Sam continued his schooling at the Drakensberg Boys Choir School. Sam can be seen performing at one of the many functions hosted by the school, often taking the lime light as a soloist. He is working very hard, doing the best he can and is enjoying every second. Sam's many achievements have made all those involved in his journey incredibly proud.
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