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CTIS 117 Task 3 Assignment

by Chantal Bray

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Page 2: The effects of nonverbal communication

Page 3: Factors effecting interpersonal communication

Page 5: Emotion and its impact on communication

Page 6: Competence of interpersonal communication

Page 7: Bibliography
The Effects of Nonverbal Communication
Nonverbal communication is the transmission of messages through nonverbal ways such as eye contact, hand gestures, facial expressions and much more.

We all use this form of communication in our everyday lives and it have an impacting effect. All of the nonverbal gestures we make when we are communicating, such as hand gestures or your tone of voice, send a strong message. these nonverbal behaviors can sometimes put people at ease and build trust between two people but they can also offend and confuse people.

Nonverbal communication can be misleading as you can be saying one thing but your body language can be conveying a different message which might lead someone to thing you aren't being honest with them. These mixed signals can be confusing and complicate communication but by effectively understanding and improving your use of nonverbal communication you will be able to express what you are meaning better, be able to connect to others better and gain trust easier whilst building stronger relationships.