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Hunger Research Project

by Rebecca Whitney


Ottauquechee School's
Hunger Research
To prepare for this year's
Students Rebuild Challenge...
Students researched the impacts of hunger and malnutrition by having meaningful discussions, reading articles, watching videos, reading books, and performing interviews with experts.

The whole school brainstormed what we already know about hunger, nutrition, and malnutrition, and then determined what we still needed to know. Those Need To Know Questions became the backbone of 4th and 5th grade's research.
Books We Read Together
Why should we care about hunger across the world?
Student Responses
Talking To Local Experts!
Students drafted a persuasive business letter to invite local chefs to come speak to us about hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity. They also learned and practiced how to perform a professional interview!

These chefs and local businesses agreed to not only speak to the students, but also co-design a menu item for their restaurant with the kids that is healthy, based on their favorite foods!