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AAHS DLC Newsletter 2021-2022

by Josephine Robles


Good Things! May 2022
ASL Teachers, Linda Aragon and Natalie Thomas and CTE Teacher, Laura Armstrong transformed units they have taught in the past into video productions using green screen. Natalie's ASL students signed a storybook with the pages of the book displayed behind them. International Food students created a food travel video and Linda plans to have her students sign the weather forecast while having it displayed behind them just like they do on the news.

Natalie expanded the ASL storybook unit by having students upload their finished movies into Flipgrid so students could watch each other's videos.

ASL Storybook Project The Snowy Day | Peter's Chair

International Foods Travel video - edited for length

What's possible with greenscreen in the the classroom
Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that helps educators see and hear from every student in class.

The school year is coming to an end and we have so many things to celebrate! Either share a win for you and/or your PLC from the past year OR share something you are looking forward to for next school year.
MS Teams Recordings - Change Coming Soon
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
partying face
Comic Panel 1
Microsoft Teams recordings will soon be defaulting to expire 180 days after a recording is made. You can change the expiration date, see how to on this Microsoft Support page
Flippin' for Flipgrid?
Leaving ASD20?
What happens to your D20 Google files when you leave?
How to transfer your D20 Google files to a personal account.
File checklist for staff leaving ASD20 includes saving information for Google Drive, OneDrive, Schoology and MyVRSpot/Youtube links.
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Comic Panel 1
Tech Launch for Fall
Canva and Schoology
For more detailed session and registration information, click here.
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Comic Panel 3
Comic Panel 3
Media Center News
Check out this one-page update for what's happening in the media center during the month of May.
EOY Schoology and IC
- Schoology courses will automatically archive 24-36 hours after the grading period ends.
- Save your materials to a collection in Resources for next school year.
- Access to 2022-23 courses will be available at the beginning of August.
- Self-paced Schoology courses are available in the Summer Institute catalog and drop-in support sessions throughout the summer.
Infinite Campus
- Grade posting window opens 5/16
- Posting grades (due 5/26 by 1pm)
Additional Resources
End of Year SGY Best Practices
Closing Your SGY Courses (IC/Schoology Gradebooks)
Comic Panel 3
Comic Panel 3
Seniors are checking their textbooks into the media center. Teachers are checking in 9th-11th grade textbooks. Let students know when you plan to have them turn in their books. Please reference this doc for information regarding checking in textbooks.

This video shows students how they can check their Destiny account to see what is checked out to them. Feel free to share with them!
Good Things! April 2022
Differentiation Strategies Applied
It is great to see the strategies highlighted in the Differentiation PL being effectively implemented for the success of our students. One example of the strategies in action is a project implemented in ASL 1. Linda Aragon and Natalie Thomas designed and implemented a weather forecast project using Playlists. Students were able to self-pace from a menu of assignments to chose their path for learning weather vocabulary and phrases in ASL. Students received feedback from peers and their teachers as needed throughout the stages of the assignment. By the end of the project students were able to sign their weather report and submitted a video to demonstrate their learning (Click to see video examples). The path to meeting the lesson objective was different for each student and they all successfully met the objective. This project combined principles of Universal Design and differentiation strategies which make it all the more special.

Side note: More info about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) will be coming soon. An AAHS team has engaged in a UDL and Blended Learning course and will be sharing with you soon. Stay tuned!

See the Professional Learning folder in Staff Resources for differentiation strategies, how to track your hours and submit them for credit.
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Wondering what might happen to resources you share with your team if you or someone on your team is leaving ASD20? (i.e. who owns what, who has access, what happens to files?) See this Sharing Resources Overview and determine if resources need to be moved to maintain access.
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Try including this question on your next test "Everything I know about this topic but wasn't asked on the test."

How might asking students this question better capture their learning?
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As students are more connected than ever, it is
imperative we teach the responsible use of
technology. Digital citizenship is included in the
CO Essential Skills and is a focus of ASD20.
Kudos to the Social Studies department for taking
the plunge and teaching the first two of our homegrown digital citizenship lessons that will eventually expand to all grade levels in all departments. In Geography, freshmen analyzed sources for bias, looking at the same topic through three different lenses. Rhonda Sorenson said after teaching the lesson that, "It was a hit with my students. Each group brought different perspectives to it. They liked the Allsides tool. They thought they would be able to use it in other classes." After participating in the lesson, a freshman reflected, "Listening to both sides of the topic would help with people understanding both sides of the argument and making more informed decisions." 

Juniors in U.S. History classes discussed the impact of social media on our personal lives and on society. After presenting the lesson, Eric Beers commented, "We had a great discussion and my students were really into it…one of our better discussions of the year! Thanks for developing a very good lesson (that was relevant to our topics.) 
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Capturing Learning
Shared Resources Best Practices
Create your personal Library of Congress
Comic Panel 3
Comic Panel 3
What is Diigo? (Pronounced Dee'go)

It's an online multi-tool for personal knowledge management that dramatically improves your workflow and productivity.

-Read more effectively with annotation tools 
-Build your personal library in the cloud
-Say goodbye to broken links and lost treasures
-Provide feedback and catch attention with annotation or screenshots
-Organize and share your information as little or as much as you want.
-Enable better collaboration on information for any group

Intro to Diigo video (6:40)
Resources for using Diigo with students
Tech Tip - Time Saver
Do you find yourself, typing the same kind of message over and over? Here's a timesaving tip for communication you use frequently utilizing Outlook Templates.
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Media Center News
The winning book for Book Madness 2022 is We Are Not Free. Interested in reading this book? Check it out from the media center.
Gimkit News
Professional Learning Opportunities
Summer Institute June 3rd-June 17th
Course Catalog opened April 1st 
Registration opens May 2nd-May 27th

Tech Launch for Fall August 1-2
Helping launch your school year with all your digital resources - registration coming soon

Linked in Learning - PL by skills, subjects or software. Use your district email account ( to sign-in. Submit applicable certificates of completion to the District's PL system for credit hours.
Comic Panel 3
Comic Panel 3
Gimkit is a game-based learning program for all subjects and we now have a school subscription! Click on this invite link to join Air Academy's Gimkit account. Already have a subscription? No worries: Gimkit Pro subscribers who use this link to join the group license will be refunded automatically for their unused subscription time.
Want to learn more?
How-tos | Presentation
or reach out to our resident Gimkit experts: Taryn Spencer, Jillian Lykens, and Kendall Orr. Are you an expert, too? Let us know! Maybe a Kadet View is in order?
Good Things! February/March 2022
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Looking for more engagement strategies and ways of giving directions in a way that motivates students to follow them? Consider "Kadet viewing" Kendall Orr who models the art of engagement strategies and giving clear directions to Freshmen learners so that they quickly and efficiently get to learning!

Here is an example of 2 activities that can be implemented in any content area and a ready to use customizable template to present to students. Click on File>Make a Copy to use.

Please remember to check with a teacher before popping in to visit their classroom. Check out all the Kadet Views and remember your department gets a free lunch when everyone completes 1 Kadet View!

Add to, edit or invite colleagues to view you on the "View"able lessons padlet.
The Essential Skill of Empowered Individual
Empowered Individual:  Empowered to make a difference by understanding strengths and limitations, acting on curiosity, taking leadership roles, demonstrating respect and responsibility, taking informed risks, and persisting in the face of challenges.
Canva is approved for both Staff and Student use!

New to Canva? Canva is an online design tool for creative, collaborative projects that provides thousands of ready to use templates and images to communicate information and learning.

Get an educator account for free! Just sign-up with your district email account.
Ready for next level? Canva and Book Creator have partnered
up to Bring Creativity to Digital Books.
Add the Canva app to Book Creator.

Stay tuned for more Canva Schoology integration news!
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