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Haley Recktenwald Integrity

by Haley Recktenwald


Know Right From Wrong
Haley Recktenwald 2023
Integrity is doing the right thing even when it might be difficult. You are honest and have strong positive goals. An example of integrity can be shown by telling the truth to your parents when you have spilled your favorite drink all over the living room floor. Even though you might not want to tell them and hide the mess, integrity is having the courage to be honest. You can also show integrity by following through the promise made to a friend. Integrity is also admitting when you are wrong , even if you might be embarrassed to do it. Integrity is a very good character to have and can get you far in life.
What Integrity Should Be
Integrity is knowing right from wrong,
even if it might be hard to stand along.
Getting comfortable at having courage
to do the honest thing
It might not be fun, fast, or easy
but at least you stand for what you should be.
Integrity is hard but,
it will take you far
So everyone work together,
to have Integrity forever
Integrity is like courage,
having the strength to do what is best for you.
Isaiah Wish Come True
Once upon a time, there was a boy named Isaiah who lived on a small farm out in the countryside. Isaiah lived with his mom, dad, and little sister, sarah. Isaiah was known to be a smart, honest boy that would do anything for anyone. Even though sometimes life was hard he tried his best to appreciate what he had.
One day he was out working and a group of boys his age came by. They mocked and made fun of him for working out in the fields. They teased how they had better clothes and shoes than him, that they didn't have to work in the fields to help their families. This made Isaiah embarrassed and a little ashamed so he picked up his things and left.