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From Hottest to Dead..

by Montserrat Correa Acosta


From Hottest to Dead..
By Montserrat Correa
Table of Contents
1—— A little of an Introduction..
2 ——— Living a Normal Life..
3 ——The meeting..
4 —— The Arabic Desert.. LAST CHAPTER..
Chapter One
A little of an introduction..
Yunza, Texas.

There was a girl and a boy in their workplace. The girl’s name was Kristy Hudson Cooper, she was a ginger haired girl with puffy heavy curls, freckles, and tanned skin, with beautiful emerald green eyes.
The boy’s name was Thomas-James Jefferson he was a white skinned boy with a straight soft slicked back kind of hair that was black combined with gray. He had blue eyes combined with a bit of gray. And a bit of a beard.
They were both 23 years old and were receptionists at a company named “Weatherad S.R.L” the company sold products or special protection for different types of weather in different types of places.
The main characters
Thomas-James Jefferson
Kristy Hudson Cooper
Chapter Two
Living a Normal Life..