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From Hottest to Dead..

by Montserrat Correa Acosta

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From Hottest to Dead..
By Montserrat Correa
Table of Contents
1—— A little of an Introduction..
2 ——— Living a Normal Life..
3 ——The meeting..
4 —— The Arabic Desert.. LAST CHAPTER..
Chapter One
A little of an introduction..
Yunza, Texas.

There was a girl and a boy in their workplace. The girl’s name was Kristy Hudson Cooper, she was a ginger haired girl with puffy heavy curls, freckles, and tanned skin, with beautiful emerald green eyes.
The boy’s name was Thomas-James Jefferson he was a white skinned boy with a straight soft slicked back kind of hair that was black combined with gray. He had blue eyes combined with a bit of gray. And a bit of a beard.
They were both 23 years old and were receptionists at a company named “Weatherad S.R.L” the company sold products or special protection for different types of weather in different types of places.
The main characters
Thomas-James Jefferson
Kristy Hudson Cooper
Chapter Two
Living a Normal Life..
Tuesday August 14th, 2018

It was just a normal day in Yunza. People walked in and out the reception and in the meantime they were making appointments to talk to the boss and making marketing deals for products. While making appointments, Kristy and Thomas were talking about how 2 workers were going to get a promotion. They were so intrigued to know who it was.

To their surprise they were invited to Thursday's meeting to know which 2 people were lucky enough to get chosen for the 2 new seller spots that had just opened up.
Honestly, they both doubted they were going to get chosen so they weren’t expecting anything, since their boss was no joke.
Their boss's name was Henry Brown. One of the most powerful people in Texas. He was a very serious and smart man. He got millions of dollars out of just deals that were made. Everyone loved him. He had blue eyes and his hair was a combination of brown and black. He barely smiled.
That was when Kristy saw something on the news and showed Thomas. The Arabian Desert people were in danger! She couldn’t believe it. Even though it wasn’t her business she decided to go to the boss anyway..As nervous as she was she had to tell him.