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The unofficial guide book to defeating the lynel legend of Zelda botw

by Finn O Callaghan


How to defeat the lynel
By Finn O'Callaghan
Red Lynel
This basic Lynel has a red mane. You most likely met one during the Divine Beast Vah Ruta Main Quest. This creature has 2,000 HP.
Blue-maned Lynel
These lynels also shoot fireballs from their mouths but less fireballs than red lynels. Blue-Maned Lynels have 3000 HP.
Blue-Maned Lynels take very little elemental damage, so you'll have to rely on physical attacks to take one down.
One can always be found in the First Gatehouse in Hyrule Castle
White-maned Lynel
White-Maned Lynels can be found in  Hyrule, especially  Hebra Mountains or Deep Akkala. As the World Level increases, Blue-Maned Lynels will be replaced with White-Maned Lynels, and White-Maned Lynels become Silver Lynels.
White-Maned Lynels have 4000 HP, making them twice as strong as the standard Red-Maned Lynels
Silver-maned Lynel
Silver-Maned Lynels have 5000 HP, making them even more tough than White-Maned Lynels. 18 of the 22 Lynels in the game will eventually evolve into Silver Lynels.
As Link progresses through the game, many of the Lynels across Hyrule will be upgraded to the Silver kind. They have a chance to drop rare materials, including Star Fragments.
This map will teach you everything you need to know about where the lynels are, their weapons and their types.