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Easter stories

by Ioanna Palogou

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a collection of...
Easter stories
and other Easter activities
1st Primary School of Neapolis
Easter egg hunt, 3rd & 4th grade (pp.4-5)

an Easter story inspired by a crochet cube, 2nd grade (pp. 6-9)

Easter stories, 4th grade (pp. 10-17)

Easter stories, 5th grade (pp.18-21)

a collective Easter narration, 6th grade (pp. 22-32)
Easter egg hunt
Pupils of 3rd and 4th grade played an Easter hunt game following instructions written in English.
Find some chocolate eggs in the garden.
Find some chocolate eggs near the tree.
Find some chocolate eggs under a stone.
Find some chocolate eggs near the door.
Find some chocolate eggs on the floor.
Find some chocolate eggs near the strawberries.
Have fun and share them all! action!!!
A crochet story cube!

Trying to use different materials, this story cube has been created with yarn in a handicraft technique, called crochet.
Two 2nd graders were inspired by the images and narrate their Easter story...
Happy Easter!!! Happy Easter !!!  
The sun is yellow. 

The sky is blue. 

The sun is high in the sky. 

It is hot. Hello Spot!!!

Spot is in the forest. 

Spot is hungry and thirsty.

Pizza, pizza, pizza!!! Water, water, water!!!

A bunny is in the forest too.
-Hello, my friend!!! Are you hungry?  

- Yes my friend. I'm hungry…

- It is your lucky day!!!

- Is it my lucky day? 

- Yes!!!

- Yeah!!!
- I'm Easter Bunny. Look! This is my basket. In the forest, there are four chocolate eggs. Find all the eggs and you can eat them!

- Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Thank you!