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Krujler Innovation Celebration

by Macimiliano Cruz-Gutierrez


Innovation Research
by Maxmiliano Cruz
- 4th Grade -
Table of Contents:
1. Cover

2 . Table of Contents

3. Invention/Innovation Idea Survey Results

4. Innovator's Journal including 5 Entries

5. Invention/Innovation Design Brief

6. Innovation Description

7. Research Questions

8. Survey

9. Schematic

10. Advertisement

11. Sources

12. Presentation Checklist
Invention/Innovation Idea Survey
Results Attachment #5
If I could invent something it would be a sound maker, because the most annoying problem is when you go to places while in the car because the car shakes and the other places. But the Krujler can help you when you're bored because some trips might take hours even days.
Innovator's Journal with 5+ Entries
Attachment #6
The Krujler is a toy with no problem. The solution is that it distracts you when you are bored or tired The Krujler might have a problem because if you fold it a bit too hard it might break. The Krujler is a plastic ruler. And also makes weird noises and vibrates. To improve my Krujler I need to add a bit of detail. The revision is that the Krujler has to be more. After the revision, I made it better with different shapes and lengths. The Krujler will help you when you are bored. My ad is going to be about the ruler that you can play with.
Invention/Innovation Design Brief
Attachment #7 &/or 8
The name of my invention is Krugler. The only materials needed are paint and a ruler. The procedure of the Krugler is that you need paint, and then you need a ruler to paint it. Last, add the musical effects. The possible uses are by entertaining you when you are bored.
Research Questions
When will my invention be released? Nov 15, 2025

How did I innovate it? With a ruler and paint.

Who made it? Maximiliano Cruz Guttierrez.

What is it used for? Entertainment.

Where did I make it? In Elgin, Texas

Why did I make it? because I can.