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getting to know me

by Brady Brackett


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getting to know me

By Brady Brackett

i have been playing hockey for 13 years. my crowing achivemets are have won 4 state championships and 1 national championship. i have broken a lot of bones doing it
other sports
i do a lot of sports i used to play football right now i play laccrose, ride motocross and wakeboard.i just started back into laccrose 2 years ago i played when i was little and then stoped. now i wake board all summer i jsut now learned how to backflip over the wake and ride the board flat.
i have one sister she is twenty and in the navy. we have five dogs, sixteen chickens, and 34 fish most of them are african ciclids. our family goes on trips alot and isnt home alot of the sumer and winter due to my hockey.
My hobbies
i enjoy playing video game my main game right now is apex legands and im currently grinding to get to the top 100 people in the world on console im curently at 186. i also have a very large car hobby i have had the same dream car since i was 4 and i know exactly what im going to do it and how it will look when its done. i have put my reaserch into cars and i know most things about jdm cars and american cars.
family hobbies
Me and my family like to play video games togther my parents are more of a gamers than me. i spend most of my time i work on our rc hydroplanes we have 3 world records and 2 national titles and strive to keep getting faster.