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by Evie 4rm


Journey of food. Page 3
All about teeth. Page 4
Types of teeth. Page 5
The stomach. Page 6
The intestine. Page 7
The digestive system breaks down your food to give you energy . You have a small intestine and a big intestine .
Food starts it’s journey in the mouth and then goes down the oesophagus.
Your teeth are very important and your wisdom teeth are no longer needed . Keep your teeth clean ! Also brush you teeth
You need me to eat,drink and talk you need me for everything 
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Certain amount of people have wisdom teeth
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The molars and premolars are at the back to crush your food
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The canines are pointed for gripping and tearing food
Swallowing may seem like a simple process to us . It just sort of tongue helps to push food into the back of are oesophagus .There are muscles in are oesophagus to force the food to go down like when your upside down.
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