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Ms. Sharpe's Awesome C;lass

by Ms. Sharpe's Class


Ms. Sharpe's Awesome Class
Comic Panel 1
Table of Contents
Ms. Sharpe- Page 3
Aldon- Page 4
Ava- Page 5
Emma- Page 6
Grayson-Page 7
Isabella-Page 8
Jaxson- Page 9
Keeley- Page 10
Nicholas- Page 11
Nolan- Page 12
Owen- Page 13
Ryan- Page 14
Scarlett- Page 15
Class Photos- Page 16
Annika- Page 17
Ava- Page 18
Carson- Page 19
Kaylee- Page 20
Kearley- Page 21
Kenzie- Page 22
Margaret- Page 23
Max- Page 24
Oliver- Page 25
Spencer- Page 26
Reid- Page 27
Class Photos-Page 28
Comic Panel 1
Ms. Sharpe
Comic Panel 2
This is my sweet girl, Ally!
Comic Panel 3
Terra Nova National Park is one of my favorite places to visit.
Comic Panel 4
I love to read books outside.
Comic Panel 1
I have a cat named Jo, who is 6 months old.
My name is Aldon and my favorite things are my pets.
Comic Panel 2
Comic Panel 3
This is my dog named George, he is 5 years old.
Comic Panel 1
I like cats because they are my favorite animal.
Comic Panel 2
My favorite thing outside is playing on my trampoline.
Comic Panel 3
My next place to visit is New York city.
Comic Panel 4
I like camping because that is my favorite thing to do.
Comic Panel 5
My favorite food is fettuccine.
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 2
My favorite sport is soccer.
Comic Panel 3
Comic Panel 4
Comic Panel 5