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Silk Road

by Abigail Bernstein

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Ancient China
Monday 1st January 2021
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Take a trip back to Ancient China. See what was important and learn about different things. Have Fun!
This is a Map of the Famous Silk Road.
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Top Story- Part Two

jade and homemade ceramics her mother made for her. Again her goal was not to get things from trades (though it would be cool). All she wants is to survive the trail. She passed river, mountains, and A TON of mulberry trees. When they started the trail Ying only wrote one journal entry (that is where we are getting info and also from seeing it). So we do know they survived and that they started there journey at Yunnan and made it to Sichuan, then continuing to Burma and ending in Bangladesh only to remember they are only half way through. They stopped at a few nice cabins (she forgets the names). As she made her journey back having her Arabian Camel came in handy. When her and her father got back they showed news reporters and here we are. You can see how successful Ying Yue was because now she is a Woman and LBGTQ+ rights activist. She has made it into the newspaper and she is NOT stopping.
Top Story for Today: Ying Yue shoots for her dreams on the dangerous Silk Road.
Words by: Abby Bernstein
Ying Yue. Ying Yue means "the moons reflection". To young 13 year old Ying Yue she believes in equality and living up too the bold bright moon reflection. Her father Mo Yue (his name means "free of sadness") wants nothing but the best for his daughter. For her to show the world that woman deserve equal rights and should all be free of sadness he tells his daughter "lets go on the silk road". She goes on to ask "which path father". He tells her "well we could try the South West path". The South West path goes from Yunnan to Bangladesh. "Sounds good with me" Ying responds. "I am ready to show the world woman can be just as strong, bold, and bright as men. "the goal will not to get anything, but to prove all people including woman are just as strong as Men" Mo announces. "I also love learning about cultures so that will be fun" Ying exclaims. Though there are many dangers through this tough route. Ying and her father start there journey. They bring along
Fables & a Stop on the Silk Road
Fables often told along the Silk Road
The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs

There was once a Countryman who possessed the most wonderful Goose you can imagine, for every day when he visited the nest, the Goose had laid a beautiful, glittering, golden egg.
The Countryman took the eggs to market and soon began to get rich. But it was not long before he grew impatient with the Goose because she gave him only a single golden egg a day. He was not getting rich fast enough.
Then one day, after he had finished counting his money, the idea came to him that he could get all the golden eggs at once by killing the Goose and cutting it open. But when the deed was done, not a single golden egg did he find, and his precious Goose was dead.

The Stone Cutter that was Never Satisfied

On a hot summer day in China, a stone cutter worked long and hard swinging his hammer under the blazing sun. As he wiped the sweat from his brow, he thought to himself, "Surely the sun is the most powerful being in the world." "I wish I could be the sun!" he cried. A fairy heard his wish and the sun he became. Without wasting a second, he began to send hot sunbeams down to the land. It was wonderful to shine so bright! Then a cloud came drifting along and his light grew dim. How could that be? A cloud mightier than him! Now a white fluffy cloud was what he wanted to be. That wish too was granted and he became a cloud, happy just to float through the blue Chinese sky. Then along came the wind. It fluttered and whirled around him and would not let him be! "If I can't have my peace, then I'd rather blow free," he declared. "I want to be a fierce wind!" The fairy listened and once more she offered help. Now he twisted and twirled. He teased branches and chased leaves. He dashed here and there until he blew against a rock that stood in his way. He blew as hard as he could, but the stone didn't move. "If I were a stone," he thought, "no one would bother me. A stone is the best thing to be!" So the fairy turned him into a big, heavy rock. He sat very still and watched time go by. Until one day a group of stone cutters came his way. They pounded away at him - just doing their job. "Please, fairy!" he begged. "Being a stone is not what I want after all. From now on I want to be nobody else but me." One last time, the stone cutter got his wish. He picked up his hammer and went back to work under the sweltering sun.
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Kashgar China
Have you ever been in need for a place to stay along the silk road? When your feet start hurting. There are robbers outside and you just want a safe and cozy place to stay. Well at Kashgar China we will supply you with safety and even fresh water. We have an oasis city and even pastures for the horses and camels to graze through.
Many people don't realize how many of our daily items were invented by the Chinese.
Here are some inventions.......
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The Umbrella

You know those small paper umbrellas you would put in your drinks? They would make you look cool. We all know the Chinese invented those. But did you know the Chinese also invented the actual umbrella? We don't exactly know how it came along. We do know one of the most famous myths though of how many people think they invented the umbrella. We believe that it started with a man named Luban and his wife. His wife didn't want Luban to keep getting soaked every time he went outside. Her plan to help him was to put something over him so he wouldn't get wet. Umbrellas have evolved a lot though. We don't know how it got to where umbrellas have but we do know they now are made with nylon mainly vs. before they were made with a mix of things but a lot of the time wax.
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Paper Making

One of China's best inventions yet is paper making. You may think "oh, well than why have I never heard about this"? Well the answer is that it is one of China's 'best' inventions, just not most known. Paper was first made out of papyrus. Papyrus is also what paper got its name from. They would take papyrus, mush it, and then roll it out. Paper making has evolved and now paper is made of wood.
The Seismograph

The seismograph is another fantastic invention. Today we have things like thermometers, and technology to accurately track storms. But back in ancient China they didn't have any mechanisms to track storms. Except for the seismograph. The seismograph was used to track earthquakes. It would tell you if there is an earthquake. If you called an earthquake (whether you just "think" theirs one or the seismograph says [the seismograph isn't always correct]) and there is NO earthquake you would get punished. But if you accurately call and earthquake than you will get fame.
Words By: Silk Road Moms

Wait did you just say you need a few tips or tricks for along the Silk road?! Well the Silk Road Moms have got you covered. We will tell you about what to bring, where to stay, and more cool things about the Silk road. Today we will talk 'bout things to think about on the Silk road. First off, if you are coming from Asia or any other place the things you would bring to trade would be different than what you would bring from China. That is because you have different things to trade. Also when you go on the Silk road you typically are going for something. You will want to go with certain things in your mind because you will have to trade things you get traded. Like if you go on the silk road aiming to get a horse (you would figure out a few things or even what type of horse) you may bring jade and trade it for ceramics and than the ceramics for silk and THAN silk for the horse. Keep in mind all of these things are trades the Chinese would bring. Come back next time to Silk Road Moms!
Silk Road Article
Read this to see the challenges and cool facts about the silk road.. ;)
The Silk Road

The silk road is over 4,000 miles long. It went from China to Eurasia and even to the Mediterranean sea. Many people lost there lives or lives of loved ones on the trail. The trail was very hard. One conflict people would face is bandits/robbers. Many people got robbed if they even took a 2 minute nap. One solution was there were safe and secure shelters. They were called cabins. Peoples feet started hurting and many just got generally 'tired'. People didn't have to complete the full 4,000 miles though. There were different routs and trails you could take. They had the South West, North, ext. trails. People traded more than just goods on the trail. They traded something not many communities get to share. They shared culture, they passed on traditions. They were why people wanted to go on the silk road. Yes?! Some people went on it for a reason. They had something they wanted to get. But when you go on the silk road you WILL get knowledge on other cultures. People would go to get Ceramics, silk, horses, and even cotton. People would also face a problems with sand in there eyes. They would bring face shields (kinda like our masks ;). That brings me to the next conflict. They didn't know how to make the whole trip. Horses were okay but they couldn't last so long without water. Or make it though the desert. The solution that worked best was camels. The camels had long eyelashes that protected there eyes from the sand and they could drink 20 gallons of water at a time. That would last them a while so they didn't need water every day or even every other day. There were two types of camels that were especially good for the silk road. They used the Bactrian camels for the cold and east routes. They used Arabian camels for the western route.
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Argumentative Article
Was Shi Huangdi a good leader?

Who was Shi Huangdi? Shi Huangdi was China's first emperor. Some thought he was good, others thought he was a bad ruler. I think that he did good things but in a bad way. Making me believe he was a bad dude. Shi Huangdi did many good things, one big thing being he put different walls together to create the Great Wall of China. But he did it in a (lets just say)not so nice way. To start he didn’t do it. He ordered people to do it and build them together and if they didn’t he would order to have them buried alive. That was just one of his harsh punishments used a lot (sadly many lost their lives because of him). Other times he buried people alive were when people defended Confucianism or people that spoke out about the Qin dynasty. The worst things about the Great Wall of China that those two examples have in common is if they did them they would be buried alive or get sent to work on the Great Wall of China. But again those are just two of his harsh punishments. I also think a ruler/king/queen should have some qualities. They should be trustworthy and honest so their kingdom can trust them. Fair and brave. They don’t have to be nice (though it is appreciated) but they have to be fair and give reasonable punishments and tasks. Shi Huangdi was only a few of those (if any). But he wasn't brave. He was scared he was going to die. “Rumor has it he never slept in the same bed more than once”. He also was very selfish. To start he was so scared he would die so he risked others lives for his. He also controlled people. He wanted them to studies what he wanted them to studies. He would control neighbors to turn on their neighbors (The neighbors would have to spy one on each other). Another cruel punishment was people being executed. He used that when people wouldn’t spy on their neighbors or when people didn’t follow his legalism system. HE didn’t just give cruel punishments he also did nothing as a ruler. He ordered people to do stuff and he didn’t fight for his unity at all. His army did all of that for him. He just sat on his throne and had people punished. Many people think since he named china and invented more things he was a great ruler but I disagree and think that he was not a good ruler and if he was anything he was an inventor.
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Win a Free Bactrian Camel!!
Many people wanted to go on the silk road. Camels were the best animal to bring with you. Why? Camels had LONG eye lashes that would protect there eyes from the sand. What else? Oh. They can carry SO much weight. You can just put your trades on the camel and walk next to it or even ride it. Camels also don't need to get water every three hours. Camels can hold over 20 gallons of water inside them that would last for SOO long. Dial (860)-get- camel today. Hope you get the first call and you will win yourself a FREEE Camel. "Did you just say a FREE camel". "YES I DID"....!!!
Geography of China and the Silk Road!
Words By: Geography, Geography, Geography

What will I pass along the silk road? What types of geography will I see in ancient China? Those are two very good questions! One big thing that China has is the four natural barriers. You are probably like " Abby that doesn't tell me that much"! Well the four natural barriers include Himalayan Mountains, Gobi desert, Tibetan Plateau, and even the Pacific ocean. Those protect China if you know what I mean. The Pacific ocean protects the east. While the other barriers protect the rest of the areas. But of course the four natural barriers had bad sides. One being people in China couldn't get out of China easily. But that also worked in there demise. Bad people also couldn't get in. Now the geography on the Silk road. You will encounter lots of deserts, rivers, and even jungles. The weather would depend on where and when you go. I have to say there is no 'good time' to go. Why might I say that? Well I am sorry to break your heart but there are many seasons and many weeks you will be on the Silk road. When you are on the silk road for 4 months you may get lucky and have perfect spring/ fall weather. But none of the seasons are great. Winter with snow, summer with extreme heat, fall with many rains and lots of leaves, and spring with rain and unpredictable weather. You can almost always assume to get rain. That isn't good if there are no cabins near and you have something like silk that you don't want to get wet Well idk what to tell you. Lol I hope you enjoyed this segment by Geography, Geography, Geography!
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China is like America and has many types of land. Rivers. Desert. Rainforest.
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Take a look at some of these awesome cites.
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