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What goes around comes around

by Amira P. A. Amira P. A. Darus


One day there was a millionaire whose name was Jack. He was one of the richest person in the world. when He was going for a walk at midnight, He saw a poor Woman on the street. He was so disgusted by the Woman. Jack walked fast through her and held his breath. 
Suddenly the woman said, “May you give me some food or money, sir?” asked the woman. 
“Why would I give my money to you disgusting creature?” replied Jack arrogantly. 
Then the woman cried, “One day you will regret what you have said to me and I swear you will feel exactly what I’m feeling now!” swore the woman. 
Jack smiled at her and laughed. “I wish I would never be as disgusting as you,” said Jack. He walked back leaving the poor lady with her tears.

The next day he lived his life as usual. He always spoke rudely and behaved badly towards the servants in his house as well as the workers in his company. Jake had difficulty to sleep every night. He was afraid of someone who would take away all of his wealth someday. There was no peace in his life. He had to take some sleeping medicine to sleep every night.

The next day he visited a gallery where the most expensive paintings in the world were exhibited. When he saw a painting, there was a stunning woman who had a pair of dazzling eyes and ‘’she’’ was very elegant. Jake was so fascinated at the first glance. Then he attempted to introduce himself to this beautiful lady.
“Hi!” greeted Jake. 
“ What is your name?” asked him curiously.
“I’m Emma” replied the lady. “And you?”
“Are you sure you don’t recognize me? I’m the richest guy in the world! Everyone knows me. You can google my name tho!” laughed Jack arrogantly. 
“I’m sorry, I don’t know you and excuse me” stated the pretty lady while she walked out and mingled with the crowds. 
“Oh Gosh, where is she?” His eyes were looking through all the places and unfortunately the lady ‘’had’’ disappeared. Jake was desperate because he kept looking for Emma everywhere and everytime. He ordered all his members to find out the woman named Emma in the city. Jake was frustrated. He finally made a decision to hold a competition for those who were able to find a woman named Emma, would get 1 billion dollars. The news of the competition spread all over the city but no one could find her.
Jake looked at a window from his house with a disheveled face because it was the first time he fell in love with a woman. Suddenly one of his  guards knocked as if he would like  to inform something.
“Sir  there is a woman in front of the gate who claims to be Emma.”  Jake was shocked and ran immediately to the gate. He was speechless  and amazed to know the fact that he finally saw the woman he had been looking for. 

Three months later...
Finally Jake and Emma got married. Jake became a very good husband to his wife and he obeyed everything that Emma said. One day Jake became seriously ill, Emma patiently took care of him and it made Jake admire his wife even more. During the treatment of Jake's illness, Emma did something that she had planned as this far. She turned out to be a gold digger. She wanted to take over all of Jake’s wealth. It was Emma's chance to take all of Jake's estate into her possession. 
Unexpectedly Jake slowly recovered from his illness. When he looked for his wife,  Emma came into the room. “How are you doing now, Mr. Jake? I come here to say that from now on you have no rights to stay here, at my house.” stated Emma. Jake was furious and he cursed Emma. 
“I can’t believe you can be this evil, Emma! What have I done to you?”’’ shouted Jack.  Emma then called the
guards to immediately catch Jake and get him out of the house. 

On that day Jake finally realized that he had lost everything because of a woman whom he had blindly fallen in love with. Now Jake became  a beggar on the street as he totally didn’t have anything left.  A lot of people mocked him, so he ran to the corner of the city to hide. He was starving and waiting for someone to help him until finally he heard the sound of shoes approaching. 
“Hi young man. Here is some money for you to buy food and clothes.” offered the lady.  
Jake was very glad and thankful because there was a kind woman who wanted to give him money even though he was  smelly, dirty, and poor. He now remembered the day when he  insulted an old poor lady on the street a few years back. Jake felt bad and really regretted his bad action. Jake then learned that he  should not insult other people because he never knew what would happen in his  life later. 
What goes around comes around.