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I'm safe at school

by Anca Mădălina Fotin

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Once upon a time, there were six high schools in six countries. What they wanted more was to help their students and fight against bullying. They decided it was time to put their minds together as in unity there is strength. They worked together and applied for a project that would help them all. This is how I'm safe at school was born.
The main objective of our project was the exchange of good practices
We planned a two year project that would lead us to three specific objectives:

- increasing the self-esteem of our students and the sense of belonging to their schools and the European community
- reducing the number of bullying cases
- building an anti-bullying strategy in each school by 'borrowing' the best practices from our partners and personalizing their methods to our own background.
They started talking about their project, promoting its activities and objectives during student and teacher meetings, conferences and in the media