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by Fatemah AL-Humadi


Fatemah Muthanna
Grade 11
Teacher Hatham Ebrahem
AL- Manar School
miss. Luna
It is possible that this is our daughter! Impossible, there is a mistake, of course. Yes, this is how my family react and the first words said when they saw me. It was a different reception than usual, all the waiting and eagerness to embrace their first child turned in seconds into a great shock with sadness mixed with rejection and lack of acceptance.
I always suffered from the people around me and how they look at me with amazement because I look differed from them in their facial features. I was sometimes exposed to bullying and hurtful words. They think that I do not understand what they say, but it was a wound deep inside me.

They were and are still my family who support me and help me, so they accept my illness for my special condition and their confrontation with the surrounding community, despite everything that is saying to them, their position was very important to me, it strengthened and pleased me. So, accepting the truth of illness and understanding it is very important for continuation and steadfastness despite everything. My disease was not optional and no one has a reason for it, it is from God’s appreciation and how beautiful it is for God to distinguish you from the rest of society.

Memories passed in front of my eyes as I was looking at my new friend, "Mateo", who had recently joined my private center for training and rehabilitation. From afar I saw him sitting in one of the corners of the park and he was looking at the other children while they were playing together. I knew that he was tense. I get this feeling when I go to a new place, because we find it difficult to socialize and get to know new people.
I went next to him and started talking to him. He was five years old. I introduced him by my name, "Hey, I'm Luna." I spoke and he did not respond, I attracted to the doll that he was holding in his hand, “Are you not introducing me to your beautiful friend” What is his name? To answer me “His name is Jake” His name is beautiful Do you like him? Yes, he is the only friend I have.

Upon hearing this word, I remembered how I was alone and didn’t have friends and everyone would go and leave me alone most of the time, "Is this pretty sad and wants to play?", no answer, so what do you think that we go to the children and introduce to each other. He answered me with a smile. I understood his approval, so I hugged him and we went to them, all children at the same time with a smile "Hello" What is your name? to see a slight smile on his beautiful face and cling to his doll more to evidence of joy and enthusiasm "My name is Mateo and this is my friend Jake", come on, go get to know each other and play together I will come to play with you later I love you.