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Jane makes a choice

by Prodan Ecaterina


Comic Panel 1
By Prodan Ecaterina
Comic Panel 1
Jane was sitting and painting a picture when suddenly, St John came in and tore a piece of paper from the bottom of Jane's painting. She didn't understood why he did that and thought that something happened to Diana and Mary, but he said that its all fine with the sisters, then he said that her uncle Mr. Eyre died a left her all his money so she is rich now. Then Jane founds that St John, Mary and Diana are her cousins so she feels very happy about that. St John askes her to become his wife, and proposes to go with him in India to help poor people. Jane knows she doesn't loves him back, and that he doesn't love her too, so she cant make a right decision.
Comic Panel 1
1. I wondered if we can to in the pool next week.
2. After Max did his homework, he shared it for all his class.
3. Her dad is a lawyer so their family is rich.
4. It doesn't matter if you don't have money, I still can pay for you.
5. She agreed with her friends opinion and they went to the cinema.
6. Her arms are so strong that she can handle 60 kg.
7. At once he started packing his clothes.
1) 1. False
2. True
3. True
4. False
5. False
6. True
7. False
8. True
9. True
10. False
11. True

2) 1. I beter would share my money with my cousins
2. I would go only because of people that need help.
3. Yes I would go because i want to visit a new country.
4. Yes,If he is a good and handsome man who loves me and i love him back.
5. No, I wouldn't return, because that man lied to me.
6. I would rest here and find new job and friends like Jane did.

3) 1. Why are you here? Something bad happened?
2. I know why you came here with no money.
3. Mr. Eyre has died. He left you all his money.
4. Jane, come for a walk with me.
5. What's wrong, Jane? You look so pale and upset.
6. My brother is a very good man, but sometimes he uses to be hard and cold.
7. I am here, Mr. Rochester!

4) 1. some
2. for
3. told
4. her
5. to
6. another
7. will
8. write

5) 1. mad
2. struggled
3. proud
4. a while
5. rage
6. ruined
7. cane
8. damaged
9. stranger
10. dull
11. tore
12. fair
13. wondered

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