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The Little Mermaid - Cast & Crew Bios

by Susan Rageth

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Bio's of the Cast & Crew Of...
Jacob Anderson
Joshua Anderson
Jacob Anderson is in 8th grade at PVMS and he plays a sailor and a fish. Through the conflicts with sports and everyday business, he would like to thank his mom for encouraging him, and the other cast members for helping him along the journey. He hasn't done a lot of plays/musicals but he has done 1 musical before this, the Wizard of Oz. Jacob hopes you enjoy the show and keep flipping your fins.
Joshua Anderson is a 8th grader at pvms and is playing a sailor. He has been in shows before such as Mary Poppins, where he was a butler, and The Wizard of Oz as the tinman. He really loved these shows and when he came to PVMS he heard they were doing the show, Aladdin. Being in Aladdin inspired him to do this show too! Joshua hopes you enjoy this show! 
Josiah Anderson is a seventh grader. He is a part of the stage crew, though he has never participated in a play or musical before. He is involved in MYSO (Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra), String Choir, Alt. Styles, and Art Honors. Josiah would like to thank his friends and family for their support. He hopes you find pleasure in this wonderful production!
Josiah Anderson
Grace Basta
Grace Basta is an 8th grader and their characters include a Merfolk/Clam/Chef/Flamingo. Before the Little Mermaid Jr, Grace has not been in any productions, but they are so happy to be part of this amazing group of beautiful people. Outside of Grace’s music and performance life, Grace does activities like archery, rabbit hopping, 4-H, and photography. Grace would like to thank her counselor, Mrs. Wood, for helping her push through homework, and get to stay in the musical. Don't forget when Ursula comes out, don't be a guppy!
Jack Berish
Peyton Brandt
Jack Berish is playing the role of Prince Eric and is an 8th grader at PVMS. He has been in multiple musicals including; High School Musical twice, playing both Troy and Chad; Shrek the Musical. He loves to play golf, and he loves to ski. He would like to thank his Dad, and the rest of his family because they have helped him so much throughout all of the plays he has done. They are so supportive of whatever he chooses to do! Jack hopes you enjoy the show!

Peyton Brandt is a 7th grader and plays Flotsam. Peyton has done a pinocchio play, and school plays such as “We Are Family”. Peyton participates in competitive dance at AOD (Accent On Dance Mukwonago), gymnastics, and a PVMS select choir group, Girls In Gold. Peyton would like to thank her friends and family for pushing her and helping her along the way, as well as the directors, Mrs. Rageth, Ms. Kelly, and Mr. Uhazie, for putting together this wonderful show. Peyton hopes that the show brings you as much joy as it did her! Enjoy!
Allison Burke
Allison Burke’s first time participating in a musical is as a member of the stage crew. Allison is in 8th grade. She joined the stage crew because it sounded like fun to do something she’s never tried. In her free time, Allison likes to do art and trap shooting.  Her biggest inspiration to do the musical was her mom because she pushed her to be her best and was always there for her. Allison hopes you like the show.
Anna Burke is in 7th grade. Anna is a member of the stage crew. She has never done any plays/musicals. Some activities she enjoys are Girls and Gold, tennis, and reading. Some people she thanks for supporting her are her mom, dad, Colten, Hunter, Archer, and Taylor. Because my family and friends will always be there for me and they will always support me. Sit back and enjoy the show!
Anna Burke
Bethany Cantrell
Bethany Cantrell, is an eighth grader, and this is their second year of being part of a musical. The first musical they were a part of was Aladdin Jr. Their role was a villager, but they are very excited to be part of the musical once more. In this year's musical, they are a turtle and a jellyfish. Out of the PVMS Musical, they are also a part of Girls in Gold and Student Government. They would also like to give thanks to Ms Kelly, Ms Rageth, and Mr Uhazie for putting the show together and working hard. Bethany hopes you enjoy the show!
Willow Connor
Willow Conner is in 8th grade and is thrilled to be in the Little Mermaid Jr. She has not been in any previous plays or musicals, but is happy to be in this year's production. Willow was going to be in stage crew but Ms. Kelly was very convincing. Willow is also currently in Lacrosse, and cross country in the fall. Willow would not be able to make it through this production without her parents who are always there for her and never make her feel little or feel the need to change. She hopes you enjoy the show and wants to make sure you come to next year's production too!
Clara Cooper
Addison Dolensek
Clara Cooper is an 8th grader and she plays a sailor/wave/jellyfish in the musical Little Mermaid Jr. She is very excited to be in her first musical. Before Little Mermaid  Jr, Clara has been in elementary school plays. Other activities Clara is involved in outside of the musical are Girls in Gold, Art Honors and String Choir, in which she plays the violin. She would like to thank her parents and her  grandparents for encouraging her to audition for the musical.  Thank you for coming to see our magnificent show!
Addison Dolensek is an 8th grader, who is a part of the stage crew. This is the first play/musical she has ever been a part of. Outside of the musical, Addison does art, horseback riding, writing, and has fun with her friends. She would like to thank all her friends who have helped out this year, while working on this. Addison thanks you for coming and she hopes you enjoy this musical!
Sophia Domke
Sophia Domke is in 7th grade, and since this is her first musical experience, she wanted to start out with being part of stage crew. Other activities that Sophia participates in are basketball and track. Sophia would like to thank her mom and dad for spending their time and money towards all of her activities. Sophia hopes you all enjoy the musical!
Morgan Dudek is in 7th grade and she is playing the roles of gull 1, a chef, and a sea urchin.  This is the first musical she’s making an appearance in. Outside of PVMS Musical, she participates in youth cheerleading and has played piano for over 3 years. She would like to thank her younger sister, Gwen, for convincing her to join the Little Mermaid Jr. and helping her rehearse. Morgan hopes you have a great time!

Morgan Dudek