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Essential Question #7

by Alyssa Sullivan


Essential Question #7
What roles should students have in the assessment process?
Students should play a role in assessments in a few ways:

1) Taking the assessment- this is a given.

2) Adhering to feedback- this is a productive way for students to self reflect on their achievement/understanding. Feedback only matters if instructors deliver it, and students use it.

3) Adjusting learning styles- feedback/understanding results aids in student development and the learning process.
Additionally, in an ideal world, assessments should not always be summative. All assessments should not always be worth a grade, but they may be after a certain point in the unit. Sometimes knowledge must be assessed for understanding, or to push students to the next level or grade.

If an assessment is not taken for a grade, this could be viewed as a formative assessment. To add to this point, formative assessments could allow for students to feel that they have a choice in their learning i.e. quizzes for no grade, but for an opportunity for reflection or group discussion.

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