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The Miracle of Resilience

by Mika Rae


The Miracle of Resilience - Poem
Mika Rae
Grade 8
Holy Trinity Catholic High School
The Miracle of Resilience
Rushing water held back with walls of stone
Struggling to keep the fear and pain inside
The water tears through the ruptured dam
Emotions can only be delayed, not denied.

A roaring torrent smashing everything in its path
All the carefully constructed life destroyed by the tide
Gasping for breath under the force of your tears
Desperately trying to stop, but your hands are tied
The Miracle of Resilience
Damage surrounding everything, pools of water linger
A flood of fear and sadness stretching far and unending
Yet even through the painful blue, hopeful life perseveres
Young trees will not break in a flood, only bending
Cultivate the greenery that remains in the aftermath
And remind yourself of what survived the dark, blue despair
Like a tree, you remain unbroken and alive
And are free to breathe in the fearless, painless air
About The Author
Mika Rae is a grade 8 student at Holy Trinity who reads way too many books and writes far too much poetry. She enjoys reading, biking, forests and cheesecake. This is her fourth poetry competition.