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St Louis Girls National School Committees Newsletter

Created by Keri and Aideen (6th Class Students)
Green Schools Committee
This year we are aiming to be awarded with our second green flag. Last year we had a brilliant green flag committee and we were awarded our first green flag. This year we have a new green flag committee and we are going to do everything we can to help receive our second green flag.
Action Flag
A new initiative this year is that along with our second green flag we would also like to be awarded an action flag. The action flag is awarded when a school is physically active and where physical activity is promoted. Already This year we have decided that we are going to walk to school on Wednesday. the children have received road safety lessons on how to be safe when walking or cycling to school.
Well-Being/ The Amber Flag
Well-Being is very important in our school and we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable. There is a new committee within our school called the Amber Flag Committee and these children promote well-being within the school. For example a random act of kindness or mindfulness colouring. At the end of the year we hope to have the Amber Flag.
Our committees have many aims for this year and we look forward to seeing what each of the committees do throughout the year. We hope there will be a big flag award ceremony at the end of the year with all three flags being awarded.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter

Keri and Aideen (6th Class Students)