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LG Constitutional Convention

by Leslie Griffin


Chamber of Secrets
Create by Harry the Potter
TItle: State Population of New Hampshire
1. State Population: 87,000 total population
2. Slave population 1780: 541 slaves
3. Question: If your state has a larger population, do you feel you should have more representation in the Federal government to help make decisions?  
Articles Of Confederations
I'm leaving for the convention in Philadelphia today, I'm sad to leave my family but the Articles must change! I am mostly annoyed because it is a 38 hour trip. Hopefully we wont show up late
Who attended the constitutional convention
Find a picture of each person and write if you think they are great or being overly opinionated. You like them or don’t, and explain why? (4 pictures total )


How upset are you at the people and states that are not attending? 
(Thomas Jefferson, Rhode Island both didnt go)
Find a picture of each and write how you feel about them not showing up!!! (2 photos)

If you are Rhode Island talk some smack about the other people who went and how they're crazy for trying to give up some of their state power