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by Eva Sanz Rosado

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Hi, my name is Emily, and I’m going to tell you my Christmas story: 

Christmas had just started, so me, my older brother
and my parents were going to spend the holidays in a rural house on the outskirts of town, on the snowy mountain. It was so exciting...I had been looking forward to this for a long time , but because of my mother’s eye operations during the previous three years, we couldn't carry it out until then.
Once we were in the rural house we started decorating everything for Christmas. First, we settled and set off the lights around the house. Then, we decorated the inside, and finally, the Christmas tree. Everything was neat and elegant, but there was something missing: the star at the top of the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, with all the rush, we forgot it at home.
That said, me and my mom set out to go to the multi-store in the nearest town to buy one.
From the road we saw the town, which was called Scarville, I assume it’s a creepy name. It glared a little bit like a haunted town: the houses looked ancient, and also the shops and all the other establishments in that place.
We arrived at a 24 hours shop to see if we could find any common Christmas tree star.
Luckily, we found one! It wasn’t exquisite but it was our only option.
The cashier was a fool, he didn’t want us to pay him any money, and he even got irritated. We listened to him, left the shop uncomfortably and drove back to the house with the rest of the family members.
We got there around 9 p.m at dinner time, so we were about to cook dinner all together. I was insanely happy with my family, on Christmas and spending a great time in the snowy mountains, what more could I ask for?

We already had a delightful dinner so we placed the famous star on the top of the tree and started watching a film on Netflix. I felt very sleepy, so I closed my eyes for a moment when suddenly a stunning light woke me up, it was the tree star gleaming for no reason. All of us were apprehensive because we didn’t know what was happening. A time came when the light shone more than ever and burst completely.
After this, I opened my eyes and that’s when I found myself all alone lying on the sofa of the living room. There was nobody, neither my parents, nor my brother, nor anyone. I realised that I was completely alone and I panicked.
I tried to stay calm, so I went outside to take in the air and get some relief . 
At that moment I saw something unimaginable, awesome and too scary for me. There were numerous little elves, like Santa Claus ones, tying my family to some sort of sled, not a common Christmas sled, but an old and dark-looking one.