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lewis and clark adventure

by Jaylyn Strawser

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Monday May 14 1804

Had we led up the Missouri river in a keelboat and two smaller boats called a pirogues. Nearly four dozen men were involved in this journey with their families. Having to stop by a French village 7 leagues up the Missouri river for Capt.Lewis to finish his business. We then went up the river to Platt River which is more rapid than the Missouri.The river ran past the mouth of Papillion or butterfly creek.

There was a cold breeze most days,I wished I had a thicker coat for this weather. We had to walk in snow  that goes all the way to our knees which made our feet really cold. I can't get over the fact of how long it has been on the boat and we are running out of supplies,but I know that we will make it. We learned how to live off of hanting our own food. In different islands we set up different camps.

Captain Clark

Thursday, April 7, 1805

Still continued along the Missouri River. Eleven men have returned to St.louis,having to pick up several Indian Chiefs who meet Jefferson. On this journey we had to stop several times to meet these people for Jefferson. We ran into a shortage with our food so bodies were dropping from exhaustion. The wind slowed us down so we had men on the slides of the boat rowing with wooden sticks. 

We had to choies to go left or right, if we chose the wrong route we could lose time and precious day or could find ourselves in a die in, very ricky. We had chosen the left but we had to carry all of our supplies on land, witch made us lose time. We had meet a native americans tribe called the Choctaw, who was a guide and helped us around the land. Choctaw has been a big help with translation. If we would have not found them we could have lost days and supplies and people could have died. 

Captain Lewis

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