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by Deeksha Venkatraman


Deeksha's guide to Lions
Welcome everyone
What they eat?
 Lions hunt for food every few days. They will feed from their kill and then rest until they hunt again. We follow this pattern in zoos, as our lions have two “starve” days out of seven. They usually kill medium sized mammals, such as zebra, deer and wildebeest. They often eat animals which have been killed by another hunter, such as hyenas. At Folly Farm we feed our lions chunks of meat. We also give them whole dead animals to eat. It’s good for them to eat the whole animal, as the fur, skin and bones give their teeth a good clean. It also helps with ‘enrichment’, which means getting our animals to act as they would in the wild.
Can you adopt a lion?
 If lions are your favourite animal you can adopt a lion for a one off payment that includes a cuddly lion toy, an adoption certificate, a lion fact sheet and the name of the adopter displayed at the lion enclosure.
Can you feed a lion
 You can! On a Folly Farm lion experience you enter the lion’s yard, spend time with our lion keepers, and feed the lions meat on skewers through the fence – this is the perfect experience for any lion fan and is not to be missed.